Winter Lip Care

My lips always become cracked and sometimes sore over the autumn and winter months. I can never seem to prevent it, despite using lip moisturising products throughout the whole year! When your lips are dry, not only does it look awful when you’re wearing lipstick, they can become incredibly sore.
Today I thought I’d share with you three of my favourite lip care products that I use to help stop my lips becoming too dry and cracked throughout the winter season.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter – £1.99, Superdrug 

10116399A staple in my handbag all year round, if you’re suffering from dry lips, this is an absolute must product for you. The one is enriched with caring cocoa butter and has intense nourishing properties which help to soothe and soften your lips. I love to use this on a night before I go to sleep so I wake up with lovely soft lips. It is versatile as well, it has about a million uses. I use it on burns, scars and for my eyebrows when they have been plucked, it just gives you that extra bit of TLC.

Shea Butter Lip Butter -£4, The Body Shop shea-lip-butter_lI have been a fan of The Body Shop’s lip butters since I was a teenager. Not only do they all smell amazing, they last freaking ages! I received this last Christmas in a gift set and I was instantly hooked. It smells amazing for one and the Shea Butter is a gentle and effective moisturiser which makes it perfect for your lips when they are suffering! Last time I used this, my lips had completely healed by the end of the day! It is buttery in texture and isn’t for everyone, but it works!

Palmers Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter  – £2.99, Superdrug 


This stuff is incredible! Again with Cocoa Butter and packed with Vitamin E It has a totally different texture to The Body Shop lip butter and is my go to product when I’m going out and I can’t wear lipstick. It’s clear in colour and the texture is glossier, giving it a glam feel. It smells insane, just like After Eight mints, which, let’s face it is a full on win! You can feel it working when you wear it; the mint leaves an ever so subtle tingle on the lips and it’s so scrummy you just want to eat it. The package says you can use it under lipstick too, but personally I haven’t tried this as I’m not sure how my lipstick would sit on such a glossy surface. Palmers do a dark chocolate and cherry tinted balm which I am also dying to try!!

What are your favourite lip products for autumn/winter? How do you keep your lips looking perfect?

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