We Are The They

I am currently still a enjoying some time away with my family, but I have been checking twitter, infrequently maybe, but I couldnt help but spot the wonderful #WeAreTheThey campaign started by the amazing Debz on her blog, The Not So Secret Diary of A Wannabe Princess (click to read the full post) and I just have to say what an inspiration this woman is aswell as everyone who has become involved!

In a society where it is still acceptable to shame others for their body type its amazing that we can all stand together, whether fat or thin to show how harmful and wrong body shaming is to anyone!

Without Debz, and other bloggers, I would have never had the confidence to wear jeans, I lived in skirts because I felt like I was too fat to wear what I wanted. These people inspired me to be myself and wear what I wanted … finallllllly.

Don’t let one persons comments hurt you or drag you down, you wear what you want and heres to fashion at every size!!!


Enjoy the sun!!


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