Ways to reduce plastic waste

So I touched on this lightly in my post all about cloth nappies, you can read that here, but I wanted to do a completely separate post on ways to reduce plastic waste.


We have all see horrific photos of our seas and wildlife being swamped and harmed by plastic pollution. It’s really heartbreaking but doing at least something is better than doing nothing, this post is going to be about the ways to reduce plastic waste that I think are really easy as a starting point, without having too much of a disruption on your daily life. I realise that sometimes it’s not possible for others. Some things aren’t possible for me due to my local councils recycling initiative, which by the way is THE WORST for the amount of plastics they recycle in the whole of my county …. but that’s another story!

Here are my tips ….

Household and personal care

Although not all of these are single use plastic, they still contribute to the wider problem and choosing a non plastic version of something is still better than a plastic one.

  • Use re-useable straws
  • Buy eco friendly cleaning supplies. Using scourers and things like this in your home helps reduce your plastic waste drastically.
  • Replace your regular plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one
  • Re-use plastic cleaning bottles for AS long as you can. Once it is empty fill it with something else
  • Try to only buy makeup/cosmetics when you NEED them. Look for glass bottles without pumps so you can recycle easily.
  • Try reusable makeup wipes, sanitary towels and baby wipes
  • Cloth nappies
  • Shampoo and conditioning bars and solid soaps rather than bottles of shower gel
  • I now wrap all my presents in brown paper and tie them with twine, I have done this for about 4 years and people love it.

Shopping and out and about

  • Buy and use a reusable coffee cup
  • Use bags for life, make sure you keep some handy in your car/bag to avoid “forgetting” and just buying plastic ones again. I usually keep some in the bottom of the pram too just in case.
  • Stop buying bottled water and take your own out with you. There are plenty of places to refill one. Plus the metal ones keep it lovely and cool too
  • Try to buy bread etc from the bakery, they tend to come in a brown paper bag instead of a plastic one
  • Use an independent shop where you can go weigh out your pasta and other household food items and bring your own tubs to take them home in (obviously not available everywhere) Does anyone remember when this was a thing? I think it was called food weigh house?

There are a few places you can shop for eco products online too. I like Babipur which has an eco cleaning and laundry section and also Peace with the wild are great too

I’m pretty sure there are a million more ways to reduce plastic waste in my house. But I think that as a society we are so reliant on plastic that it is really hard as a consumer to do it easily. I’ve noticed big brands changing some products, like Garnier, my hair food shampoo now comes in a bottle that is fully recycleable and is made from recycled plastic …. but it’s £6! I think alot of the problem is that plastic is cheap and therefore products that come in it are cheaper which is a masssiveeee part of the problem.

Can you think of any other ways to reduce plastic waste?

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