Vichy Normaderm – Skincare Review!

Hi guys! Hope you’re good, I’m back today with a Review of Vichy Normaderm!

I don’t normally do premium skincare, but over the last sort of 8 months to a year I developed hormonal acne around my jawline. It became increasingly worse as the months went on, it would clear up and then flare up again just before my period twice as bad as it had before!

If you’ve ever suffered from any form of acne, you know how distressing it can be. Seeing it become increasingly worse and getting more painful made me so upset. I have never suffered with acne before, I mean I’ve had the odd spot here and there but this was sore, painful and whatever I did I just could not get rid of it!

I decided that I had to find something that could help. I haven’t changed my skincare routine for a while, so I went on the hunt for something to help clear this up once and for all. Whilst researching, I came across the Normaderm range from Vichy!

A lot of people were loving this range online so I decided to try two products myself!

Vichy Normaderm HYALUSPOT £10.50 – Boots

This little tube of gel is amazing, I use it in so many different ways! It is enriched with Hyaluronic acid and creates an invisible protective film on the skin. I have tried it on its own and under/over my make up and it still works just as well. The packaging is lovely, and it has a lovely metal applicator which soothes the skin as you’re applying the product.

Vichy Normaderm Review The Plus Size of Life Hyaluspot

What I love the most about this is that it’s a lovely thick product that spreads beautifully and you cannot see it on the skin, it’s clear in colour and dries fairly quickly without becoming too tacky.

Another fantastic plus for this is that it has antibacterial properties which help to reduce the appearance of spots. I started by using the Hyaluspot on really sore red spots overnight and I was amazed to find that when I woke up that not only had it soothed the soreness but the spots had also severely reduced in size.

Then I took it a step further and started to use it when I felt a spot appearing and this actually helped to stop them breaking out! Seriously a wonder product, mine comes everywhere with me so I can apply it when I need to.

Vichy Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Blemish Care Moisturiser £14.50 – Boots

Did I really spend £14.50 on a moisturiser?!?!

Vichy Normaderm Review The Plus Size of Life Anti Blemish Care Moisturiser

I was pleased to see this described as especially helpful if women experience more imperfections during their period as Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Blemish Care is proven to target imperfections, including hormonal imperfections” – on

The branding is perfect and it comes in a bottle with a pump. The product itself is a lovely thick and creamy consistency, light green in colour which smoothes onto the skin with ease. It smells so fresh and clean, it reminds me of cucumber for some reason. The moisturiser actually contains airlicium, which is in many things that help mattify the skin and claims to disperse and absorb sebum (that icky stuff that makes you have oily skin) and with having oily skin this is a bonus. I feel like this also reduces the appearance of my huge pores without the need for a primer and when worn under my makeup, it provides a smooth, matte base which means I can apply my make up FLAWLESSLEY!

After using this for around 6 months, I literally will never use another moisturiser. The frequency and amount of spots I get when I do have a breakout is dramtically reduced and if I do get spots whilst using this they have gone almost as quickly as they appeared.

After getting such good results with these, I’m dying to try out some of the other Normaderm Products that Vichy offer! Thank you Vichy for creating something that actually delivers on its promises!

Have you tried these Vichy Normaderm products? What products do you use to control your breakouts?

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