Twisted Disko at Tokyo Huddersfield!

If you follow me on social media, you will no doubt know that I LOVE a good night out! I was really excited when I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the launch of a newclub night, Twisted Disko at Tokyo Huddersfield a few weeks back. This club holds some great memories for me, I was really excited to experience the nostalgia and check out something new!

The Venue!

If you’re from around the area, chances are you’ve heard of Tokyo. As one of the only two nightclubs in Huddersfield town centre it remains a firm favourite with many. Set over three floors in a historic courthouse building, this club definitely offers something for everyone. Back in my university days, I did used to work behind the bar here, but since I was last there (2010 to be precise) the club has undergone a huge refurb and I have to say it’s looking amazing!

Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, this club is proud to cater for everyone. From students to locals everyone has a good time. The customers keep coming back for more week after week and it’s clear to see that they LOVE this place. The launch ofTwisted Disko was definitely welcome amongst them and they couldn’t wait to see what it had to offer them, myself included. Now for the really exciting part! Billed as “Ibiza meets Vegas … Carnival meets Circus … Expect the Unexpected” I was really looking forward to the night, armed with my camera and hubby in tow, we arrived and were eager to check out all that Twisted Disko had to offer!

Let’s get twisted!

Arriving at the venue, guests are greeted by fire breathers and an array of performers as they wait eagerly to see what’s in store once inside.

Upon entry, you find yourself in Brewhaus, which is the main bar of the venue. The DJ plays an eclectic mix of music from 80’s and 90’s to the latest chart and classic R&B. It’s a great space, with seating and a dancefloor where everyone is already warming up for the night ahead.

There’s a decent sized and incredibly well stocked bar – anything you want, they have more than likely got it here so all you need to do is make up your mind! It’s changed a lot since I was last here, it feels more modern and welcoming. I was sitting there listening to the Solomun remix of The Cure’s Lovesong, impatiently waiting to see what the rest of the club room upstairs had to offer.

The Club room finally opens, and the regulars flock to get their dance on. Climbing the ornate staircase. This is where the Twisted Disko for me, really began. The first thing that hits you notice is the twisted riddles hanging from the ceiling amongst the pyros. You find yourself stood there willing them to spin so you can find out the answer to all the weird and wonderful questions you’ve always wanted to ask your friends out loud.

There’s a DJ playing all the latest house and dance music that really gets the crowd going. There’s more fire breathing and entertainment. Girls are swinging above the bar, like trapeze artists at the circus, where the bar staff are hard at work. A clown eagerly stalks the crowd both delighting you and enticing you to really embrace what Twisted Disko is all about. Everywhere you look something different is happening and I’m sure that was the aim here. Again there is a bar at the back, serving anything you could want! What really struck me about the Club Room was that it was sooooo busy! People obviously love it up there, they dance and sing the night away with their friends not letting anything stop them from having a good time.

In the corner of the Club Room, you will find the VIP bar. We were lucky enough to gain access and the setting is superb! I’m pretty sure it’s one of the old courtrooms which still has some of its original features. There’s a dedicated DJ playing R&B music and luxurious booths surround the dancefloor. Sadly I didn’t get any photos in this bar, because I had put my camera away and was enjoying the night, but I would highly recommend it. There are VIP packages on offer which are perfect if you’re celebrating or looking for something a little bit different on your night out!

By this point in the night, after all the excitement it’s time to check out The Boneyard! This is the perfect place for a chill with your mates whilst still soaking up all that Twisted Disko has to offer.

The Boneyard is a secluded terrace at the back of the venue complete with its own DJ and bar! There’s plenty of seats for you and friends to relax and the DJ playing deep house transports you somewhere else, you definitely don’t feel like you’re in Huddersfield anymore! My favourite part about The Boneyard is that at the back, there is a staircase up to some seating areas, in their own little huts, complete with lighting and you can look out across the terrace area.


James and I then went back into Brewhaus and enjoyed a few indie classics, including The Smiths (hoorah) before we decided to call it a night at about 3am!What’s clear about Twisted Disko is that it’s much more than a club night at Tokyo. They have really tried to deliver something different here than just your average Saturday night in a nightclub and it’s for that reason that people will keep coming back. As Tokyo say on all the advertising, Expect the Unexpected!

Finally, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all the staff at Tokyo Huddersfield. What is clear from my experience is that they are amaze! They are all so focussed on making sure that you have a good time and are really devoted to making your night the best it can be, so thank you to all the staff for making James and I feel so welcome, particularly Claire and Luke, we had the best time!!

So there you have it, a new and exciting Saturday night club night in Huddersfield that I personally hope is here to stay. Being invited to Tokyo, I definitely will not neglect it anymore and hope to party there more often now! I was gutted that the bottom floor, Louie’s Liquor Store, was not open but hopefully I will get a chance to go back and see what that is like at some point for you all too!

What do you  think to Twisted Disko? Have you been? Let me know in the comments!

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