Toys can last a lifetime!

Since Arthur was born in 2018, I’ve always been looking for ways to reduce the waste we produce as a family. We use cloth nappies and I try to limit the amount of single use plastic we buy or find ways to reuse if this is unavoidable. When we had Arthur, we chose not to buy him any plastic toys anything we have bought ourselves has been wooden. I was thinking the other week about all the toys that Arthur has had handed down to him and how amazing it is as an idea to reduce plastic waste. Toys can last a lifetime, so this week I am sharing his favourite toys and the stories behind where they came from!

Stuffed toys

Arthur has ALOT of stuffed toys. Most of which came from Maisie but there are a few that have more sentiment.


The brown bear was James’ which he passed onto Maisie and she has now given it to Arthur. The little chick and the Fimble were passed on from my youngest brother to Maisie and then given to Arthur.

My Mum recently brought all of our old TY beanies for Maisie too as well as our collections of McDonalds Wombles and Mr Men/Little Miss

Plastic Toys

So as I said we do not really buy plastic toys for Arthur, but we did for Maisie. So naturally when we were clearing her room before moving house last year, we found some things which she happily passed on to Arthur.

The train, we bought for Maisie’s first birthday 8 years ago! The animals that come with it have been between houses so all the children in our family have enjoyed them before making their way back to us for Arthur earlier this year.

My Mum bought the Mystery Machine for Maisie in a charity shop about 6 years ago, she was really into Scooby Doo and loved it! Now Arthur plays with it just as much as she did. It still has most of the original figurines too!

The stacking shapes were James’ who was born in 1983 so if this isn’t reusing at it’s finest, then I don’t know what is. Arthur also loves these dinosaurs that move along once you press them down, they were also James’ and are still in full working order

Handmade with love

Next something really special handmade by James’ Grandad for his brother who is ten years older than him!


We have this lovely farm, complete with all the animals and tools. Just look at the amount of time and effort that went into making these. Maisie spent hours playing with this and I’m sure Arthur will too.


We also have this car garage that was made by him too! Arthur already spends hours playing with it sending the cars down the ramp at the side.

I love that my children get to play with toys that brought their Dad and other family members so much joy when they were little, something that has so much history and holds some fabulous memories for so many people in our family. It’s so nice to see our kids playing with something while James sits reminiscing about how he loved it as a child. I am also really lucky that my amazing Mother-in-law keeps literally everything!

I hope these amazing toys that were made with so much love stay in the family for generations to come! James dad even does his bit fixing them up if needed.

My top tips for reusing toys and reducing plastic waste:

  • Have a good rummage around your parents house, you may just find something you loved to play with that they can enjoy too. You can even give them as gifts.
  • Charity shops! I cannot stress this enough, they are places where mountains of plastic toys go to die, you will definitely find something your child will cherish
  • Online you can find things for sale, such as on Ebay and Facebook Marketplace
  • If you are having trouble selling something your child no longer plays with, please consider donating it to a charity shop or passing it onto a friend who’s little one can enjoy it.
  • For more information about how to reduce, reuse and recycle, check out this article

I guess what I am trying to stress is don’t throw things away, toys can last a lifetime, in some cases even more than that!! If you missed my last post about mum guilt, check it out here!

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