Time for a change!

You may have noticed that my handle has recently changed to @plussizeoflife !!

I’ve been wanting to change it for some time but I have never actually got around to it! I set up my Twitter account to follow the blogs that I love, before I decided to start my own

I originally chose @1980hate because it was the same as my Last Fm account. Being a big Smiths and Morrissey, you could probably have guessed that it was a reference to him ! On most Smiths and Morrissey vinyl, there are Matrix Messages, words or phrases etched onto the Vinyl. It’s quite fun to go through my collection and discover some I have never noticed before. The phrase Nineteen Eighty Hate is on the 12″ pressing of “Everyday is Like Sunday” For some reason, this subtle reference seemed cool at the time for a music profile and I couldn’t think of anything for a twitter name so @1980hate was born.

I have decided it’s about time to change it to complement my blog and what it is about. I feel that 1980hate is quite negative and if you don’t know the reference you’re kind of thinking well what has that even got to do with a plus size fashion and beauty blog!

Hopefully you all like the name change and still recognise who I am!


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