The Hand Luggage Challenge!

Tomorrow, James and I are flying out to Dublin in celebration of my mums fiftieth Birthday! It’s going to be awesome as we get to spend some time with family that we don’t really get to see very often. I’m all packed and ready to go, but I thought why not set myself a little challenge and blog about it along the way!

I call it The Hand Luggage Challenge because if you have ever flown with Ryanair, you will no doubt know about their hefty charges for a hold case. I did not want to have to spend money on a checked bag, when the combined air fare was only £40 return for both of us! We are on a budget and all that. Ryanair allow their passengers who do not check luggage “One cabin bag weighing up to 10kg with dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm plus one small bag up to 35cm x 20 cm x 20cm”

Here are my problems with this:

1. The bag size is literally tiny! So you are really restricted on what you can take with you. I know for my break, which is Thursday to Monday, I will literally need to pack 3 daytime outfits, one evening outfit and two pairs of shoes. Let’s face facts though, what girl travels light? We ALWAYS pack more than we need. I took so many clothes to Thailand and literally wore half of them, I’m so bad for this but the thing is I like to have choice. What if I don’t feel comfortable with something on the day? you always need a backup plan right? So I am going to take a little more than I need incase I just have one of those moments. Another thing that I always think about is the weather. Dublin is so unpredictable, much like the rest of Europe, so I think its wise to prepare for all occasions.

2. Toiletries I hate hate hate this! I love all my lotions and potions, not to mention all the make up I need. So I have decided to cheat a little bit here and buy essentials like shampoo/conditioner and bodywash once I get there. I’m pretty confused as to how many of those little plastic bags you are allowed to take in your hand luggage. Last time I went to Dublin with my mum, we took like three each but when we flew to Thailand, James and I were only allowed to take one each. I suppose you could say I was cheating a little bit, but this post is meant to be a challenge, so you could say I’m making the best of it!


Here is what I packed:

Daytime: 2 Cami tops, 1 T Shirt, 2 Kimono’s, 2 Pairs of Jeans, 2 Dresses, 2 Leggings and 1 Pair of Loafers – So I have a little bit of choice depending on the weather!

Evening: 1 Cami top, 1 Skirt, 1 Dress and 1 Pair of Heels – Because I always like to have a backup plan.

Misc:  2 Pairs of Tights and 1 Clutch bag

To Travel In: 1 Striped peplum top, 1 Pair of Jeans, Brogues and a Tote Handbag

Gosh That sounds like way too much! I chose clothes that were mostly lightweight and did not take up too much of that precious room in my suitcase, I tried to vary styles and fits, so that depending on my mood, I had something I would feel comfortable in.

Now to the challenge though, I have to try and wear everything at least once and I will be blogging about my outfits and will maybe get a chance to take some good shots with Dublin in the background! When I get back I will share my thoughts on how well I think the challenge went and what improvements or changes I would make to what I took.

Have you ever taken a break with just a small hand luggage allowance? what did you take and how did you make it work for you?


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