Ten thoughts that go through my mind while in Primark

A bit of a lighthearted post today. I bloody love Primark. Not always amazing for us plus size babes, but I still adore it, so here are ten thoughts that go through my mind while in Primark!

1. Am I in Primark again, really? My office is a five minute walk from the Leeds Trinity Store, so I am in there alot just browsing and 9 times out of 10 I buy something!

2. OooOOoo New Lines, New Lines! There is always something new to look at, I walk around thinking about what I would wear things with and how much everything would look amazing in my wardrobe!

3. I don’t want that I need it! Self explanatory, pretty much the only justification I need to buy something

4. Do I really need another bodysuit? Yes always YES!

5. I wonder if I’m an 18 or a 20 today The sizing is always so different

6. Arghhhh far too much denim, why did I come this way? The ground floor in Trinity is just denim, like how much can pairs of jeans differ right?

7. SHOES! So much choice! A different pair for everyday of the month seems to be my goal right now

8. Sale rail! Am I really that cheap? Yes, Yes I am. I’m not ashamed to say it and I love a bargain!

9. Make Up, Make Up Make Up! I can justify £4 on three make up brushes. I don’t have any like this so it’s a good buy, wait I have a million like this, but they’re so much better when they’re new!

10. Last Chance to BUY! Quick, I’m in the queue, there are so many cute little bits to add to my basket around me right now, pick something up FOR GOD SAKE pick something up!

Do you have any of these thoughts when in Primark, What would be on your list?



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