Ten things having children taught me

Hello! Welcome back to The Plus Size of Life, today is a mixture of light hearted and also serious things having children taught me

1.There is a 2am that doesn’t involve being anywhere near a nightclub

Gone are the days of bouncing around with your girlfriends to The Spice Girls and leaving a nightclub when the sun is coming up. The first few months of being a mother are EXHAUSTING, but somehow you just get through it. 2am looks so different when you have a hungry baby hanging off your breast and bags under your eyes from lack of sleep.

2. Cbeebies has some creepy shows

This isn’t even an exaggeration. With Maisie it was In the Night Garden and the latest one being Moon and Me, which Arthur loves. Collywobble is the stuff of nightmares!! It’s not all bad though, occasionally, Tom Hardy reads the bed time story.

3. Screaming at someone is an acceptable way to ask for something

Want those grapes? Just point and scream. Maisie went through this phase and Arthur is going through it right now. It gratesssss on me so much. The worst being when we are all sat eating tea, he has the exact same as us and is pointing at my plate screaming because he wants mine like it’s something magical compared to his.

4. Crying because someone cut your toast into squares and not triangles is a genuine emotion

Anything can set your child off. ANYTHING! So just make sure you clarify exactly how it is they want something to avoid the meltdown of the century and avoid being accused of ruining it.

5. How emotional I am

I have always been told I was an emotional person, but my children taught me that it is actually true. I cry at everything now, adverts, The X Factor etc and it all leads back to me thinking about one thing, my babies!

6. How to not take everything so seriously

This kinda links to the emotional one, my kids taught me to just let go and not care about what people think of me. Whether it be making silly voices in public or playing around on the floor at home acting silly. I always just do it now without second guessing

7. Who your real friends are

Having a child is a BIG deal. It is true that certain people stick around when you have a baby and other’s just disappear off the face of the planet. At first this hurt me, but you know what, my real friends have been there for both of my children being born and life goes on.

8. How much you need your family around

As much as you are a small family unit, it takes your WHOLE family to help you raise your kids. I have never met my own Dad and my Grandparents weren’t around growing up and although I’m not looking back thinking I missed out, I do look at our family and think about how lucky my children, James and I are to have all these incredible people around to help raise our little ones.

9. How to slow down

As human beings, we like to always be ahead and planning the next thing. What about just chilling out and living in the moment? Now I love nothing more than a weekend with NO plans. Spending it with the kids and James and not thinking about what is coming up tomorrow or having a long list of things to get done. Don’t get me wrong, there are times this has to happen but those long, unplanned weekends together are my favourite.

10. To just go for it

As someone who suffers with anxiety, its hard not to let that stop me from doing things with my children. But they taught me how to be brave, how to just go for things and that I can do things I never thought I could without even second guessing! There are still times I find this extremely difficult, but for my children I push myself through and it really has a positive impact.

Obviously this list will be different for everyone, but I am hoping that some of you can relate to some of the things I have included! Let me know in the comments what having children taught you!

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  1. You hit the nail on the head in with each one. 2am used to be exciting, friends used to be numerous but not true and I too family (and meals) for granted. Not anymore!! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

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