5 telltale signs your child is now a tween!

On my last post, I was talking out childhood struggles that modern kids will never know. Following on from that today I am talking about telltale signs your child is now a tween.  If you didn’t know, a tween is what the modern world calls a child whos not quite old enough to be classed a teenager but is definitely on their way! Maisie is growing up sooo fast since turning 9 in June! So today I’m sharing a light hearted look at what it is like living with her at the moment.

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When you have kids, life changes so fast. The stages of them growing up go so quickly. One minute they are coming into your bed in the morning for cuddles the next minute you are embarrassing them with anything you do.

1. The sassy attitude

This was one of the first things that James and I noticed and Ohhhhh the sassss! I don’s know whether it’s come from the TV shows she has been watching (less cartoons etc and more teen dramas) or the fact that she is her mothers daughter, but every time I ask her to do something or talk to her lately I seem to get an eye roll or a shoulder shrug. It’s like she knows she isn’t a kid anymore and just THINKS she’s all grown up.

2. They want all the privacy

Suddenly, their bedroom door is closed and you have to knock before you enter. IF you don’t knock and decide to enter, you do so at your own peril. Maisie has a doorbell we have to ring now before entering!

3. The whining

Everything, no matter what it is, is said in that really annoying whinny voice. It could be something amazing and they just whine back at you. The other day I asked Maisie if she wanted something and she even whined yes back to me!

4. There is less affection

Suddenly they stop coming into your bed in the morning for cuddles, they don’t want to hold your hand or kiss you goodbye in public anymore. Thankfully Maisie still gives me a kiss and cuddle before bed, I don’t know what I am going to do when that stops too!

5. You embarrass them simply by breathing

Anything that James and I do at the moment is embarrassing. Not only if we kiss or anything, but literally our existence embarrasses Maisie at the moment. I find myself doing it on purpose though sometimes to try and lighten the mood, like shouting things like “Maisie, you are missing Paw Patrol” when she is online gaming with her friends. Safe to say it goes down like a lead balloon

So I hope you enjoyed this lighthearted look at the telltale signs your child is now a tween. Maisie seems to be growing up so fast and I am assuming it will just keep going and before I know it she’s off to University. Let me know in the comments if you have any experiences of your child becoming a tween too!

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