Getting ready for University!

As you may or may not know I will be going back to University as a Postgraduate student this September. I completed my Undergraduate study in 2012 and have always wanted to do my Masters, the time has finally come! So I wanted to share with you all my journey! I am planning on doing lots of posts about managing your time when you are a student parent etc, I’ve already had some experience with that, but today I a talking about getting ready for University, the process and how I am preparing!


So, the biggest thing for me was getting my stationary and supplies. I’ve bought a few bits but will mostly just be using paper and pads I already have, but i bought a project book from Sainsburys Home the other week and I also stocked up on my pens!

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I am currently on the search for a life planner. As a busy Mum of two already, I need more than a diary, I need something that I can use to plan my families weekly activities and my University schedule to make sure everything runs smoothly. I have been looking at this one, The Family Life Book Diary from Box Clever Press, it looks like it will really help to keep me organised!

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