Yours Clothing Skater Dress – OOTD

Hello everyone, thought i’d share this Yours Clothing Skater dress today with you all!

It’s a lovely, sleeveless number, in classic monochrome and I just love everything about it!

The Plus Size of Life Yours Clothing Skater Dress

I raved about this dress on a wishlist post a while back (read it here) and I  finally bought it recently 🙂

I love it because I can wear it for anything – it goes well with brogues for work or heels for a night out. The skirt is so full and girly and the mesh stripe is so on trend!  I just wish they did this in more colours so I could have one for every day of the week!

I literally cannot get enough of Yours Clothing at the moment, they are just getting better and better. If you like this dress,  you can buy it here, for only £24.50 in the sale at the moment!



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Pretty Floral Skirt from Yours Clothing!

Morning! Today I thought I would share this pretty floral skirt from Yours Clothing which I picked up recently!

The Plus Size of Life Pretty Floral Skirt from Yours Clothing

I bought this skirt a while back on my first ever trip to Yours! I love the print and it stood out for me straight away. The material is lovely to touch it’s so soft. The skater style is so full, It’s super girly and I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

Here i’m wearing it with a long sleeved bodysuit from boohoo, this one is an extremely low cut style and I can’t be that daring so I just have a plain black vest on underneath it to take off the edge! This skirt can really be worn for anything and with anything, it’s so versatile!

I have spotted a few other skirts in Yours that I have my eye on at the moment, I think one in particular may make it onto my list for Santa!

Both items are also currently on sale!

Skirt – Yours Clothing

Bodysuit- Boohoo Plus

Have a great day!


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Footwear Wishlist!

Like pretty much every girl that I know, I LOVE shoes. Today I though I would share with you what I have been looking at recently and bring you this footwear wishlist!

EmmaEllisNewLookI clearly love black shoes, looking through the New Look website, I couldn’t seem to tear myself away from the colour! I think it’s because black goes with everything. I have been trying lately to wear heels so the Sandals which are in the sale seemed perfect for day to day wear. I loved both pairs of T bar shoes, the ones in the middle are similar to a pair I had a while back from Primark which I loved. The brogues on the end would be perfect for work!

EmmaEllisASOSI always find that shoes from ASOS are so comfortable, and great value for money! I loved so many, but I narrowed it down to three choices to share with you. I chose the first two to complement my work outfits! I love the first pair because they have a small heel, adding a feminine touch to your work trousers. The heart print pointed heels are great statement heels, I see myself wearing them as the focal point of your outfit on a night out, wearing them with a LBD! The middle pair I see as a wardrobe essential and would be incredibly comfortable.

And if you’re really thinking of splurging ….

EmmaEllisOfficeI’m loving pretty much all that Vagabond are offering at the moment, they are so on trend! I love these buckle shoes for autumn as opposed to boots. They are super feminine and would also add a lot of height to my short frame. Kickers are another brand I am loving at the moment, they come in so many amazing styles at the moment, I love these Kopey T Bar shoes which are currently in the sale! Finally we come to Irregular Choice. I have loved this brand for years however they are incredibly out of my price range. I adore these Pearly Girly shoes, they have a gold glitter heel and pearls at the front. They would be an amazing statement piece on a night out or even with a shorter length wedding dress!

Do you like any of my picks? Where do you like to shop for your footwear?



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Outfit August! Pop of Colour!


Hello everyone, I know I haven’t posted for a few days, I got incredibly sun burnt on Saturday which meant I felt ill all day Sunday and I just did not feel like sitting at the computer, but here I am for another Outfit August post.

Today was the last day of my holiday from work, so I decided to head into leeds for a few bits for my little one, she needed some clothes because I seem to seriously underestimate how fast they grow!  It was a grey and rainy day so I wanted to bring some vibrancy to it with my outfit! It did brighten up later on and I was able to go outside and snap some photos.


I wore a really cute grey Pussy Bow blouse from TU at Sainsbury’s. It’s quite old, I bought it for a Job interview last year, but I love it. You can’t really see the pattern from the photos, but it has little white flowers on! I chose to wear this wine coloured skater skirt, to add a pop of colour!


The skirt is alot brighter in person, for some reason the photos haven’t quite captured it right, plus its a lot redder and I think these photos make it look purple! I do wear this skirt quite a bit. I wear it out but it’s easily dressed down for a day look, the material is so light and floaty. I got it in Primark a few months ago, I think I spotted them in the sale today and they come in a big range of colours.

My shoes I have featured a lot, they are from ASOS, I believe you can’t go wrong with a good patent shoe!

I would love it if you would check out all the other lovely ladies taking part in Outfit August below 🙂


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Outfit August! Delightful Denim


Hello everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your start to the weekend!

I have had such a nice week off work, so today we just relaxed and because it was such a nice afternoon we went for a walk in the woods!


I wore this delightful denim dress from Simply be, I have had it a while but it is perfect on a sunny day. I wore it with my Primark Gladiator sandals, which I have had for a couple of years now. I very rarely have my legs out, but it was a must on this gorgeous day!

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Beauty on a Budget – Pound Picks!

If you regularly read my blog, you will no doubt know that I am obsessed with budget beauty buys, showing that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get products that leave you feeling amazing. In this addition to my Beauty on a Budget posts, I share with you my pound picks!

I thought I would set myself a little task. I took out £15, and went to three high street pound shops to see what I could get for my money and I am pretty pleased with myself!

Pound World


Macadamia Oil Extract hair treatment
Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm
Rimmel London Nail Polish in Lemon Drop
Garnier Skin Naturals Pimple Relief Roll on

99p Stores


Garnier Skin Naturals Oil Control Complete
Original Source Coconut Shower Gel
Impulse Tease
Impulse Into Glamour

Pound Land


Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo
Herbal Essences Bee Strong Conditioner
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Fuschia Bling Bling
Sally Hansen Insta Dry in Pronto Purple
Montagne Jeunesse Face Pack x2

In total on all the products I spent £12.96! A quick scout around other stores showed that I could have paid near to £40 for all these products!!  It’s amazing what brands you can find when you have a little snoop in the pound shops. Some lines have been discontinued, but who cares, you may find something you have been missing for a few years. I have even spotted some Calvin Klein make up floating around before. I have to mention again though not all of them stock the same thing, so you may not get exactly what I have but it is definitely worth having a good old snoop!

Some of the things I bought, I have never used before so I am looking forward to trying those out and letting you know how they are.

Do you get any beauty products from the Pound shops? What are your best buys?


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Outfit August! Little black dress!


Hello everyone, today I thought i’d share an outfit from a while back that I never actually posted on the blog.

Everyone has at least one item of clothing that makes them feel amazing and everyone knows the importance of the Little Black Dress! This is my offering, where the two go hand in hand!

2014-12-31 19.34.34

This lace dress is by Ax Paris Curve, I got it from Simply Be just after christmas last year. I love the style, with tonnes of petticoats underneath it is just so beautiful on. The arms are a bonus for me and the split at the front accentuates your curves without having too much flesh on show.

I wore thick black tights and a pair of cute lace detail peeptoe heels from George at Asda, which matched  the print of the dress.

The photos were taken on New Years Eve. James and I went to a party at the TA Centre with friends and it was honestly the best NYE I’ve ever had 🙂


I hope I get a chance to wear it in the future, as it truly made me feel a million dollars!

I would love it if you could check out the other ladies taking part in Outfit August using the links below 🙂



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Outfit August! Pretty in Paisley


Hello everybody, sorry i’m a bit late in posting this! I have just got in after catching up with some friends I haven’t seen for a while, don’t you just love holidays from work?

So today I wore this beautiful paisley print number by Alice and You!



I have had it a long time and never got around to wearing it! I think it’s a little bit more daring on the print side than I would normally wear, but I actually love how it looks and feel pretty in it! (hence the title)

I wore my vintage denim jacket with it and a pair of extremely old suede brogues which are from ASOS!

I would love it if you could check out all the other awesome ladies (linked below) who are taking part in outfit august! If you’re not involved it’s not too late, hit up the lovely Leah below and get your name on the list!!



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Five places on Earth I’m dying to visit

Wanderlust is an amazing thing, here are five places on Earth i’m dying to visit!

1. Phi Phi Islands – Thailand


Although James and I have been to Thailand, we didn’t get a chance to go to the Phi Phi Islands. We were on limited time, so in the end decided to choose some of the larger Islands to explore during our first visit to the country. Thailand for me was like paradise, especially all the secluded beaches we found, but this has been one place I have wanted to go, it looks insanely beautiful. Although devastated by the Tsunami in 2004, the islands were hand cleared of 23,000 tonnes of debris and by the end of 2005, were again open to tourists. Phi Phi Le is home to the famous Maya bay, featured in the film The Beach, it has become a hotspot for travellers all over the world. Hearing tales of how busy it has become, I would love to do a night tour, which promises that as the sun goes down, there will be peace and quiet and you literally have the whole place to yourself!

2. New York at Christmas


How magical does it look? Imagine strolling through a snow covered Central Park, wrapped up warm in all your winter finery, hand in hand with the one you love. I’ve heard New York is amazing any time of year, but I wouldn’t want to miss the Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center Plaza or the chance to Ice Skate in Central Park. Plus there is always the chance to go to FAO Schwarz and play on the giant piano. I’m hoping that one day I will get to fulfill my dream and land in New York City at Christmas!

3. Marrakech


This bustling city has always been at the top of any travel list I may have had. From the mayhem of the Djeema el-Fna, with it’s snake charmers and acrobats, to the peace and tranquility of the Jardin Majorella. There really is something for everyone in this amazing place. I imagine myself discovering something amazing in the souks and visiting the Koutoubia Mosque, which is visible for miles around the city.

4. Stonehenge


I’ve always been amazed by the thought of how this was built, it’s less than 250 miles from my front door and I am so ashamed to say that I have never been! Stonehenge has a history of over 4,500 years, has so many meanings to so many different people and is one of the best known prehistoric monuments in Europe.

There’s a visitor centre now, where you can discover neolithic houses or see an audio visual 360 degree representation of the seasons from inside the circle.  I shall some day get here and I can’t wait to see what I feel when I do.

5.  Kakslauttanen Igloo Village – Finland


This place looks beautiful! Situated in Saariselka, known as Finnish Lapland, you can actually sleep in a glass igloo. If you travelled here you would definitely be wanting to see the Northern Lights, which has always been at the top of my bucket list. Everyone always says “don’t go for the northern lights, go for the destination” which if i’m honest is one of the best pieces of advice you will here on the subject. There is no guarantee that you will see the lights dance. I think I would be disappointed if I went and did not see them, but you could still say you had an amazing time! I think you need to be prepared for anything and one hell of a long night. People say that you need to be patient and don’t expect it before you go.

Where would you go if you could go anywhere on Earth? Whats your favourite place so far?


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Outfit August! Saturday is a shirt day!

OUTFIT AUGUST 500 WIDEHappy August everybody! I can’t quite believe we have already reached the 8th month of the year! I’m excited to be taking part in Outfit August, organised by the lovely Leah of Just Me Leah!

I’m trying to post some sort of post every day this month, sadly they won’t all be outfits but I have lots of things scheduled so make sure you keep checking back to see what is new!

So, today we did nothing much, so I just thought i’d share a lovely shirt that I often like to wear with you all instead of a full outfit!

I love this simple shirt, I bought it in Sainsbury’s a while back now. I’ve worn it on a few occasions, both casual and more formal. I love the lace detail, which goes all across the top at the back also.

I’ve worn it not only as a shirt but also as a little cover up aswell whilst on a night out. In this picture I was wearing it with Jeans, but it looks great tucked into a skater skirt or with a tube skirt as well!

You can leave the collar open for a more casual look or wear it with a statement necklace like i did, the one i’m wearing is from Topshop.

Hopefully I will have a full outfit for you in a couple of days! I’ve literally been enjoying the first day of my holiday’s from work and just chillaxing whilst doing some chores in between.

There are lots of awesome babes taking part in Outfit August as well, please do check them out using the links below 🙂 If you have Instagram or Twitter check out  #OutfitAugust2015



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