Getting my blogging MOJO back!

Hello, you may have noticed or not, that it has been a while since I wrote anything for my blog.

The truth is I haven’t really felt like it for a while! I have been extremely busy getting used to my new job and trying to fit into the team. When I get home on an evening, all I want to do is relax and on my weekends I have been enjoying spending time with my family! Working in any job relating to Education in the run up to and throughout September is difficult, so I think that has been the reason I’ve not even wanted to look at my blog!

I’m hoping that slowly this month I will get back into it and hopefully be able to blog a lot more, I just need to get on top of my planning!

I struggle with twitter! Suffering from anxiety means that I sometimes find it really hard to interact with others. I often want to get involved with the chats that other bloggers are having and make friends, but my anxiety means that I worry intensely about what other people may think of me. This often comes across as rudeness or arrogance, but it’s not that, i’m just too shy to involve myself sometimes.

When I started this blog, I wanted to push myself to put myself out there, I am incredibly proud of how far I have come personally from doing this. I’ve accepted who I am and I am comfortable in my own skin. Now I just need to try and overcome a few more of my anxieties and involve myself a little more. I hope that next year I will be able to pluck up the courage to attend events that I see all the other bloggers attending and finally meet some of the fantastic and inspiring women I follow every day!

I’ve still been trying to keep up with everything, I’ve seen so many amazing things! The Curve Fashion Festival looked fab, the #thisisplus campaign has taken off and there’s the creation of the Curvee awards by three amazing women in the plus size community! Things like this are so important and continue to inspire me!

Hopefully I will be back with some posts soon!


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