Decluttering my Makeup collection

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When it comes to makeup, I have to admit that I am a bit of a hoarder. So recently when James and I decided to redecorate our bedroom in the new house, I decided it was definitely time to think about decluttering my makeup collection. In doing so I noticed a few little rules that I followed when deciding to either keep something or get rid, so I thought I would share some tips with you!

Anything out of date simply must go!

Obviously this is a no brainer. I hate to even think about what a state some of the makeup in my drawer was in or even how long it had been sat there. I actually never used to even think about it, but some of the foundation I threw away was seperated and manky looking.

I’m not sure on the effects of using out of date makeup, but thinking logically I’m assuming it won’t perform like it should and worse case scenario it could harbour some pretty nasty bacteria, which if used could have a negative effect on your skin. If it’s a product for the eyes, it might even cause you some damage so it’s seriously not worth it. It was one of the easiest steps when decluttering my makeup collection as everything out of date just went, the decision was already made for me so it made things slightly easier.

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Party Season Makeup Tips – Get your glitter on!

Without a doubt, this is my all time favourite time of year. I just love the glitz and glamour of party season and it means I can wear glitter to my hearts content without having to justify myself. In the first post of my Party Season Makeup Tips, I’m going to be helping you to get your glitter on by sharing my favourite products to give you that extra sparkle! All are hopefully budget friendly, like nothing is over £10 so let’s get stuck in!

Collection – Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner

I’ve talked about this product before on the blog, but it is still an essential part of my makeup collection today! I love these Glam Grystals Gel Liner’s becuase they are so versatile and dry nicely without looking crusty on the eye. With them you can add glitter to your look by lining under your eyes or adding a full on cat eye and ditching traditional black liner. You can also use them on your lid for a more dramatic look, like in a cut crease look or just all over. They definitely are alot more subltle and easier to use than some other produtcs on the market. They are so precise so if you’re new to using glitter, then these are definitely for you! These are priced at just £2.99 each at Superdrug

Primark PS – Glitter Obsessed Palette

Ok, so this is definitely another one for you beginners. Beauty bloggers have raved about this and seemingly it is hard to find in Primary stores, but I’ve had mine for quite a while now and have seen it recently in my local store. The palette contains 28 different glitter creme shades that are soooo perfect for adding a bit of glam to any makeup look. There is every colour you could ever need in this palette, from golds and bronzes to blues and purples this palette will take you from party season to festival season so it is definitely worth investing in. I like to pat the creams onto the inner corner of my eye or all over a neutral smoky add to add some drama. Beware though, do not go CRAZY with application, these are creme formulas so if you apply too much it will crease up on the eye! For £4 can you really make an excuse not to try this?

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Primark Pure Glow Palette review!

Primark have been killing it with the beauty launches recently, it’s safe to say you’re going to see alot from their new ranges on the blog over the coming months, and today is no exception because I’m back with a beauty bang , with this Primark Pure Glow Palette review!

So unless you’ve been hiding you will have no doubt seen the hype all over the beauty blogging world for the new Primark Minerals range. The range contains a lovely mix of eyeshadow and highlighting palettes that some bloggers are calling dupes for well known brands, but at a fraction of the cost.

I had not set out to buy anything from the range, because I really have been trying to curb my makeup spending habits, but when I saw this palette I really could not resist!

Primark Glow Kit Reveiw, emma ellis, the plus size of life, plus size blog, plus size blogger, front

As you can see the packaging is lovely, it really stands out from some of the other Primark beauty launches because it seems like they really have tried to make this look and feel high end. I love the marble effect and the shiny bronze which contrast beautifully.

Inside the palette, you get 4 quite large pans of highlighter, each a different shade. They are perfect for me because I have quite a light skin tone, but I think they would work well on most people. They are quite soft, but that does not take away from how pigmented these highlighters are!

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Five makeup tips that changed my makeup game!

I have always loved makeup, it is my favourite thing about my day. I love just getting up and getting my face on, it makes me feel so much more confident and ready for anything. That said, I have had to learn a few things on the way so whether you’re a veteran or just starting to try new things I wanted to share with you five makeup tips that changed my makeup game!


This may seem pretty obvious, but because I have oily skin, I only ever used to moisturise on an evening. I thought that moisturising the skin before applying makeup made the oil I produced throughout the day worse, when in actual fact it does the opposite! Keeping the skin well moisturised with an oil free formula helps to rehydrate the skin and balance the skins natural levels which in time means you may stop producing as much oil. Try something likeClinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel £30 to help control that shine! Wayne Goss also swears by using lashings of moisturiser before foundation for a smooth finish – girls it really works!

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Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette Review!

Happy Monday, this week is going to be a beauty filled week on the blog, starting with a review of the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette.

Like most makeup lovers, I adore Makeup Revolution! Their products are really high quality and affordable which make them perfect if you’re on a budget like me! I have had the Flawless Matte palette for a while now, but since I have been experimenting with my eyeshadow looks lately, I really wanted to try a palette like this that had a mix of textures!


In true Makeup Revolution style, the packaging is flawless, this particular palette comes in a lovely shiny box, which you can just see peeping in the last photo, which makes it stand out. The shadow pans themselves are housed in the signature sleek black palette that I have come to expect from this brand.

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Sleek MakeUp Matte Me Lip Cream Review!

Matte lipstick is so on trend right now, and as someone who is new to wearing lipstick everyday, I feel like trying out an extremely matte liquid lipstick was such a bold and crazy move! I love the look and I have seen so many bloggers and youtubers using them, I finally went out and found one from a brand that I love!

It’s the Matte Me Lip Cream by Sleek MakeUp and it is amazing!!!

I have always loved Sleek, I have used their eyebrow kit, I swear by their contour palette and own several of their shadow palettes plus a few other bits and bobs. I was pleased to see that they have expanded their range and are going further than most of the other high street brands that you can buy in Boots or Superdrug.

I have three different shades of the matte lip cream, Petal 435, Birthday Suit 436 and Shabby Chic 1037. For me I do choose more neutral pink and brown tones, but the range of colours they offer covers everything from deep reds to daring purples, so there really is something for every taste.

Matte Me Sleek MakeUp The Plus Size of Life

I love how easy these are to apply, I do use a lip liner but only because I am still so inexperienced with a matte liquid lipstick and if I try to do it without sometimes you can tell that I have overlined my lips. The consistency is a nice thick cream that glides on the lips nicely and dries to a smooth finish! It dries perfectly matte on the lips and lasts a hell of a long time! Another thing I love about this product is that it doesn’t dry too quickly, giving you plenty of time to perfect your pout, especially if you’re a beginner like me!

Matte Me Names Sleek MakeUp The Plus Size of Life

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MUA Primers – Review

Until recently, I had only ever used the eyeshadow palettes by Makeup Academy. The other week all make up was on 3 for 2 at Superdrug and I was looking for a cheap and reliable primer that wouldn’t break the bank! So I bought three MUA Primers to try, here I discuss with you what I thought about them!

the plus size of life MUA Primers 2

1. MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer – £2.50 Superdrug

This eye primer is amazing. I wanted something that I could apply lightly to my eyelids under my eyeshadow to make it pop without having to be too heavy with my concealer, and it does the job! It is a lightweight formulation that is totally buildable and it doesn’t crease giving me the perfect base for all sorts of different eyeshadow. Well worth the price!

the plus size of life MUA Primers 3

2. MUA Pro-Base Primer – £4.00

I was a little disappointed with this one, it was a little watery for my liking. I like to feel a primer and this one just feels like an extremely light moisturiser. I don’t think it made a difference to my foundation in terms filling in the lines on my face making me look flawless  but I feel like as it dries to a lovely matte finish, it helped to combat some of the oil I normally have to blot throughout the day. I won’t be buying it again, but if you want something light this primer this is definitely one for you!

the plus size of life MUA Primers 1

3. MUA Undress Your Skin Flawless Primer -£5.00 Superdrug

This is my favourite of all three. It’s a clear liquid, thicker than the Pro Base Primer and it leaves your skin velvety smooth. I’m using it everyday at the moment, applying it after my mattifying moisturiser. With this my foundation does look flawless because it helps to fill in all my imperfections. I find that when I wear this, the oil that has sometimes come back to haunt me throughout the day is nowhere near as bad as when I don’t use this primer. It’s great value for money and a little bit goes a long way. I mainly apply this to my chin, nose and forehead wiping any leftover product around the rest of my face!

Have you tried any primers from MUA? Can you recommend any other products by them for me to try?




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