Suva Beauty Hydra Liner review!

When lockdown began I found my love for makeup again! I followed alot of different makeup accounts on Instagram and saw loads of people creating graphic liner looks with the Suva Beauty Hydra Liner. I finally got myself one so I sat down and had a play and thought I would write this Suva Beauty Hydra Liner review for you if you were thinking about giving them a go yourself.


So I bought the new limited edition doodle version of the Hydra Liner, it’s new out and is half white and half black. Considering that these liners are £12.50 each, I thought this one would be a good idea because it has both black and white in, both of which colours I would use regularly.


The packaging is super cute, but I have to say it is alot smaller than it seems to look in the photos on Beauty Bay That aside I love the look of it and I was eager to use it.

To use the liner, you add a tiny bit of water to the colour you want and then mix it slightly to create a sort of paste. You then use it in your makeup look however you like.

I used it in mine as liner and to edge my cut crease for a dramatic effect. The white I used in this look was very pigmented and surprisingly easy to work with. I used a very small brush to build up the colour pay off that I wanted.

The only thing I would say is to be careful and wash your brush off each time you dip back in as I did get a little tiny bit of my pink eyeshadow in the pan.

I can see the black being an amazing liner and I am going to try and mix some of the white with some of my pigments to see what pastel colours I can create. I will definitely be investing in more of these liners!


I hope you enjoyed my Suva Beauty Hydra Liner review and the look I made using it! Leave your colour recommendations in the comments if you have used it!

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