Starting school again after lockdown

When planning ahead for my posts, since we have started to try and blog more about family and lifestyle than fashion and beauty, I thought that I would share some thoughts on starting school again after lockdown. Then it dawned on me that the biggest effect this will have on anyone is Maisie. So this week Maisie will be sharing her thoughts on starting school again after lockdown and how she is feeling about it in her own words:

Maisies thoughts:

Emma Ellis. The Plus Size of Life, Maisie Ellis, Starting school after lockdown, walking to school
Maisie’s first day at school ever!

1. My Teacher

I am nervous to meet my new teacher. Usually we get to meet them before we finish for the summer holidays but that did not happen this time. I know I shouldn’t be nervous. I’m sure she will be just as nice as my other teachers.

2. Wearing Masks

I’m not bothered if I have to wear a mask because to be honest I don’t really mind wearing them when we are shopping or on the bus. Some other people in my class may fidget i’ll try my best not to fidget to keep my mask as clean as I can.

3. Friends

I am so excited to see all of my friends. I’ve already seen a few when we started football again and when me and Mum went for walks but the others I haven’t seen i’m really excited to see.

4. Playtime

I’m guessing playtime is going to be different like no contact sports like football and tournaments we usually have at lunchtime play. Maybe it’s going to be socially distanced so no tag no races or anything like that. I am sad because I like to play football with the boys and girls on different days each week.

5. Classroom

So i’m guessing that we might have separate desks or maybe it will be one big desk sitting everyone 2 metres apart. I am sure it’s going to be different, but rules are rules and have to be followed. I think it is to keep everyone safe because children can have Coronavirus and not know about it.

I am looking forward to starting again and being normal like having my flute lessons and having fun with my friends.

Mums thoughts

The first thing for me is that I am going to miss being at home with my babies everyday. It’s a new start for us all, with me starting at University and Maisie back at school I am looking forward to getting back to a routine and having some normality back to our daily lives. James is currently working 4 half days and a full day, he works as a Support Worker so it is constantly changing depending on how things are progressing etc.

Emma Ellis, The Plus Size of Life, Maisie Ellis, Starting School after lockdown, playing the flute
Maisie playing the flute!

The school have communicated well and I am happy with the measures that have been put in place to help keep everyone safe. I think we have to understand that these measures aren’t just to protect your own family, they are to help protect everyone, by

following them you are keeping everyone safe. Honestly, I think it’s important for my child to get back to school and carry on learning, she has her SATs next year and I don’t want her falling behind.

I am nervous obviously, it’s incredibly difficult to tell your child how to act differently to what they have always known but I think Maisie understands now how important social distancing is and how she needs to wear a mask if required.

Maisie goes back on Tuesday 8th September, so we have a few days left, but I know some have already started back! if you are a parent how are you feeling about your child/children starting school again after lockdown? How are your children feeling? let me know in the comments!

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