Sorting out my cleaning cupboard

Since moving into our house in September last year, nothing has really had it’s place. I feel like we have just been moving stuff around constantly trying to get a feel for where it goes best. Since we have decorated Maisies room, our room and redone the bathroom floor, I feel like I have been wanting to get alot more organised. The kitchen is a long way down on our to do list, so for now I decided to spend some time sorting out my cleaning cupboard.

You know what it’s like right? The cleaning cupboard is the dumping ground for anything, whether you have used it once or you use it everyday, so the first step was to sort through what we still used and get rid of the things that we have had for years and don’t need. Some of it went in the bin (except the spray bottles which I emptied and stashed at the back to use again) and some of it, like the weed killer etc got moved to the garage. We kept stuff like that under the sink before as we had no where else to store it.

Then I got James to build me a lovely little shelf for the middle, as there had been one there at some point but when we moved in it was missing. This gave me much more room and he used recycled wood from Maisies old bed to make it too 🙂

I used two cereal dispensers that my mum gave me to put the washing powder in. We have both bio and non bio in our house because of the cloth nappies, so washing powder alone took up so much space in the cleaning cupboard. I got two new plastic boxes. One I used to put all the cloths, sponges and dusters in, the other I filled with small bottles of disinfectant and air freshener.

It may not be the most organised cleaning cupboard on the internet, but for my hectic house this is organised. I feel like for once it just isn’t full of crap that we don’t need!

I’m trying so hard to reduce our household plastic waste. The recycling program in Kirklees is so bad, you can’t even recycle yogurt pots! Sadly we can’t recycle plastic spray bottles either so I’m making sure that I’m not buying any new sprays etc until I need them. Mostly, I make my own with the bottles I have saved or in my reusable bottles with disinfectant or bleach if I need it. I don’t see the point in having lots of different bottles that are essentially the same thing and will never get used.


I also got some of those Minky antibacterial pads to try as these say you don’t need any chemicals so I’m hoping this will reduce our plastic waste even further. I’m planning a post to talk about this also at a later date.

For now I’m just super happy that I have an organised cleaning cupboard!!!! Do you have a nicely organised cleaning cupboard? got any tips? leave them in the comments

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