Sleek MakeUp Matte Me Lip Cream Review!

Matte lipstick is so on trend right now, and as someone who is new to wearing lipstick everyday, I feel like trying out an extremely matte liquid lipstick was such a bold and crazy move! I love the look and I have seen so many bloggers and youtubers using them, I finally went out and found one from a brand that I love!

It’s the Matte Me Lip Cream by Sleek MakeUp and it is amazing!!!

I have always loved Sleek, I have used their eyebrow kit, I swear by their contour palette and own several of their shadow palettes plus a few other bits and bobs. I was pleased to see that they have expanded their range and are going further than most of the other high street brands that you can buy in Boots or Superdrug.

I have three different shades of the matte lip cream, Petal 435, Birthday Suit 436 and Shabby Chic 1037. For me I do choose more neutral pink and brown tones, but the range of colours they offer covers everything from deep reds to daring purples, so there really is something for every taste.

Matte Me Sleek MakeUp The Plus Size of Life

I love how easy these are to apply, I do use a lip liner but only because I am still so inexperienced with a matte liquid lipstick and if I try to do it without sometimes you can tell that I have overlined my lips. The consistency is a nice thick cream that glides on the lips nicely and dries to a smooth finish! It dries perfectly matte on the lips and lasts a hell of a long time! Another thing I love about this product is that it doesn’t dry too quickly, giving you plenty of time to perfect your pout, especially if you’re a beginner like me!

Matte Me Names Sleek MakeUp The Plus Size of Life

For some reason, out of the three of these I have, there are two different types of applicator. One is what you’d expect from a lip gloss or liquid lipstick, but for some reason the other two are a lot longer and flat on both sides – which took me a while to get used to!

After reading several reviews on these online from other bloggers, I was a little surprised at the colours once they were on. They were a little darker than I expected and Petal was not as pastel pink as some of the photos led me to believe. But I am still in love with them, Birthday Suit is my favourite for day to day wear, whilst I tend to wear Petal and Shabby Chic on the weekend or if I’m going out.

Matte Me Swatches Sleek Make Up The Plus Size of Life

From the left – Petal, Birthday Suit and Shabby Chic!


Overall, for £4.99 each I think these are a steal! I like that they last a long time, just make sure you apply two cotes in a morning and you shouldn’t need to constantly reapply throughout the day!

Have you tried these? What did you think? Any recommendations for other Matte Liquid Lipstick I should try?



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