Self Care tips for Mums

Being a Mum is by far the hardest job I have ever had. There is something so important about self care to me now, especially when I feel like I’m becoming stressed and short with my little ones. Lockdown has been such a test where normal service has been disrupted. Here are some of my self care tips for mums that you might find useful!

Take time on your own


This is a really important one. I feel like as a Mum, sometimes I feel like I am losing my individual identity. Although I am a parent and that is a big part of who I am, I still like other things that are separate from that. I take time on my own to do my makeup, read or do something creative. If you’re a single Mum, there is nothing wrong with taking an hour and focusing on doing something you like, leaving your kids entertained in front of the TV while you do it.

Pamper, pamper, pamper

Leave dad with the kids and go for a nice hot soak, then light some candles and relax in your room. Do a face mask, paint your nails. There is nothing like a bit of pampering to make us feel more human especially if you have been running around entertaining little people all day. If you are a single parent, this might be a bit harder, just get creative and set some time aside when the kids go to bed instead of just lounging in front of the TV. You will feel much better, I promise!

Get creative 

Been putting a creative project off? get stuck in! I like to sew, draw and bake. The best thing about this is that you can fit it in between looking after your little people, but it still helps to calm and soothe your soul!

Ditch social media

In a world of likes and follows, I think this is one that will have a big impact. Social media can be a wonderful thing but it is also so great at making us feel like poop. 2020 has been a bit crap to say the least, coupled with the fact that  everyone elses kids seem to be amazing little angels, it’s no wonder taking a break from it can really help. Take the break from it for as long as you can and when you do return try not to get bogged down in everyone elses seemingly perfect lives and remember that you only see what people want you to see.

Keep a diary 

This one might sound a bit childish but keeping a diary can be really therapeutic. Writing down your thoughts and feeling can help you process them and getting them out can make you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. If you have something on your mind, try it, sometimes all we need to do is get it off our chest.

I hope you find some of my self care tips for Mums useful, I’ve tried to include ones that I feel you can do if you are a single Mum too, it’s not all about shipping the kids off so you can get some time to yourself.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any more ideas on self care tips for Mums 🙂

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