Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation Review!

Hi all! Beauty on the blog today, bringing you a Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation review!

I think I can probably speak for most women when I say they want a no makeup makeup look, a foundation that promises a decent coverage but doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything at all, if you’re one of those women – look no further!


Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation £5.99 Boots

The Fresher Skin Foundation promises a breathable, natural finish that doesn’t clog the pores and is shine free. Sounds too good to be true? I think in most cases you are right, but in this case I think that Rimmel has created something amazing!

Normally, I am a full coverage kind of girl,  I have some light hyperpigmentation as well as acne scarring and uneven skin tone so I was worried that this foundation would not cover my imperfections, but to my amazement it actually did!

It’s a super lightweight formula and provides a light to medium coverage which is definitely buildable. Like you can hardly feel this on your skin! I feel that unlike a full coverage foundation, it would be hard to over do it with this product, I’ve even applied three layers and it still looks so natural.


I chose the lightest shade, 010 Light Porcelain and upon looking at the product, it looked a little bit too oily for me. I have a really bad build up of oil generally throughout the day so I need something that won’t budge. This product however, is made with mineral powders that help to absorb oil as the day goes on. It reminded me of a BB cream but with miles more coverage!

A major point for this is that I think this looks so much better when applied with a brush rather than a beauty blender, only because its such a fine consistency, I was struggling to actually pat it into my skin with the blender, like I do with full coverage products, but with the brush I was able to build it up to a decent coverage.

During the day it mostly stayed in place but I had to touch up on my nose and the area under my eyes -this is nothing new for me though as I have to do this anyway. Sadly though, the redness in these areas was alot more visible after a few hours wear than it would be with my usual foundation and I was left wondering how long my blotchy skin had been on show!


Another thing I do not like about this product is the packaging. I wish it was in a tube with a pump because jars just annoy the hell out of me.

I think that using this foundation has taught me that I don’t have to go for the maximum amount of coverage all the time. That any imperfections I have can be covered with a lightweight formula and that mostly I’m ok with that!

If you’re looking for full coverage this is not the product for you, but if you’re willing to try something a bit different for a change I would recommend this foundation. Sadly it is only available in about 6 shades at the moment, here’s to hoping they bring out more soon!!

Have you tried this foundation? Would you try it over your usual?


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