Reflecting on two years of marriage!

Today is mine and James’ wedding anniversary! Five years ago I met my soul mate and two years ago I married him, I thought I would do this post to reflect and share my thoughts about the last two years of marriage 🙂

Growing up I always said I was never getting married and I would never have children, now I have both. All my friends mention this and say I was the last person they would have expected to settle down first! I look back and think about how lucky I am to have everything that I didn’t want, I would never have known how much these things would mean to me and I am thankful for it all.


We had our little girl before we got married and from when we got engaged leading up to our wedding day, I would get comments like “oh, it’s the right thing to do because you have a daughter together” I hate this and it upsets me slightly to think that people actually think we got married because of this. I married James because I love him and I want to spend all of my life with him, if we weren’t a match our child would have still had the same amount of love from her parents regardless of whether we were together or not!

I always get emotional when I hear our first dance song, we chose Songbird by Fleetwood Mac. The whole way through the dance I was crying from happiness, halfway through our little girl came running up to us and we were all just cuddling and dancing together. Just the other day the song was in the background on a programme we were watching, James clutched me tighter as he heard it too and I just burst into tears, it’s such a beautiful memory to have. I think it will move me forever.


When I got married, I gained more than I could ever have imagined. I gained a whole new family, who are supportive and encouraging. I gained a whole new set of friends who welcomed me as well. On the personal side, I gained confidence in myself; someone showed me that I was worth something, after years of self-doubt I finally believe in myself because someone had confidence in me! It’s nice to have someone who loves you no matter what you do, who doesn’t judge you when you make silly choices, not only that he supports me in every decision I make because all he wants is my happiness. Knowing that James will be by my side makes things easier to deal with.

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I couldn’t love being a wife any more than I do already; we have fun with each other just as much as we bicker. We talk to each other every night while we are laid bed about our days, we keep each other informed about our lives instead of things just being lost in translation. I think the most important thing that we do is spend time together as a couple. We go out a few times a month just the two of us or together with our friends. We are parents, but as much as we are a Mummy and Daddy within a family, we are a couple and I think it’s important to make time for your relationship as well as time for being a family.

We’ve had so many adventures, since meeting and since getting married and I can’t wait for more in the future!


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