Primark false eyelashes review!

So, I’ve raved about the Primark beauty range on the blog before – you can check those posts out by clicking here and here – but I have been loving the false eyelashes that they have on offer lately! I thought I would do a quick post today, a Primark false eyelashes review!

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I’m all about budget when it comes to most of my beauty buys and I want to stress that there’s no shame in not wanting to spend a lot on your beauty products. I’ve certainly been made to feel like a cheapskate in the past and I think a lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that if it costs a lot more, it’s a better quality but with products like false eyelashes, that is not the case! Unless you really want a mink lash, then don’t be afraid to try something a little more budget friendly. If you care for your cheap falsies correctly, there is no reason why you can’t use them again and again!

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1 . Girls With Attitude Fantasy False Lashes – £3.00

These lashes have to be up there with my absolute favourite of all time! For the price they are amazing and they have Unicorns on the packaging. These lashes have no visible lash band which make them perfect for everyday wear, but I found them to be lovely and full looking on my lashes. I do wear them to go out. They are a really versatile lash and can be worn with minimal or maximum makeup! I love that they are shorter on the inner corner and fan out towards the outer of the eye. After wearing, they came off nicely and I was able to use them around 5 times before they were tired looking! These easily rival my fave Eylure wispy lash.

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2 . Primark Full Look False Lashes – £1.00

These lashes are pretty similar looking to the Girls With Attitude lash, but they definitely do not look as full on they eye. They are a great everyday lash and I tend to wear these when I’m not wearing any liner, just because they aren’t as dramatic. Again, they have no lash band making them super easy to apply really close on the lash line. For £1 can you complain?

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3 . Primark Sultry False Lashes £1.00

Well, these I did not like! They are extremely long and this makes them look ridiculous on my eyes, because my natural lashes stick out like a sore thumb. I can’t get on with the barely there lash band either, I just found them so so so so hard to apply!

All these lashes come with a nasty cheap adhesive that isn’t worth the 20p it probably cost to make. It’s like a PVA glue, so invest in your own. I like to use the DUO Lash Adhesive in Dark and you can buy that here from Boots.


Have you tried any of the lashes from Primark? What were your thoughts?


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  1. Which style of fantasy lashes are these? They look lovely but GWA agave about 5 or 6 different fantasy lashes xx

    1. Hi Nadine! Thanks for your comment! I am pretty sure these are the unicorn fantasy lashes 🙂 I only found out recently that the fantasy lashes were a range! xx

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