Plus Size and Pregnant: Pregnancy Diary 25 to 37 Weeks!

So as most of you may know, I’ve already had my baby! But I continued to update my plus size and pregnant: pregnancy diary but I just never got around to posting it on my blog because Arthur was born at just under 38 weeks. So here is the last part of my pregnancy diary!

25 and 26 Weeks

In my last pregnancy diary, I talked about my struggle with morning sickness. It’s not getting much better and I’m currently signed off work with Hyperemesis. It can be such a debilitating illness during pregnancy and to be honest I’m really struggling. I think the worst thing about it is that if you haven’t had it, you cannot relate! Like the feeling of nausea is so overwhelming and you literally have to lay still otherwise you feel like you might pass out. That coupled with vomiting over 6 times a day is just the worst and I’ve been constantly worried about not being at work. I think for most women, this can go away as you reach the second trimester but unfortunately not in my case. Fortunately I know I haven’t had it as bad as some women can, so I’m feeling slightly blessed!

I haven’t seen the midwife or consultant for a while but next week I have a scan and am also seeing my midwife so hopefully everything will be ok!

27 Weeks

I had 3 medical appointments at 27 weeks after not having many recently. When it is your second pregnancy you don’t see the Midwife as often as with your first for some reason.

The first appointment was to have my gestational diabetes test. It’s a 3 hour test and you have to fast from 10.30pm the night before. I haven’t been eating the best due to the Hyperemesis but managed to have some noodles before going to bed. I woke up feeling horrendous, but managed to get myself looking presentable and out the door for 8am. I was waiting outside for my father in law to pick me up and was throwing up down the drain. I was so bad I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete the test. I arrived at the hospital and I just knew it would be a farse! They struggled to take my first set of bloods and left both my arms in bits after like 6 attempts in several veins. Once the first set of bloods were taken, I had to drink this very sugary drink, basically flat Lucozade and then sit in the waiting room for 2 and a half hours or so and have my blood taken again. I felt horrendous for like the first hour, but I managed to keep the drink down as I didn’t want to have to come back another time for the test.

When it was finally time to go and have my blood taken again, I had to tell them to try and take it from somewhere else as where they had poked around before was so bruised and sore. After several attempts, they had to call a Midwife in to take the blood and she found a different vein and got it straight away which was a relief.

My results came back all clear which was awesome!

I also went for a growth scan this week. I was soooo excited because we were desperate to find out the sex of our baby. However, this did not quite go to plan! As I walked in I asked the sonographer straight away if she could tell me the sex and she abruptly refused as it was not policy to reveal that information after 20 weeks. I was so upset, but managed to keep it together for the scan. I asked at the end if everything was ok with the baby and the sonographer again was so abrupt and said the Doctor would discuss things with me.

I went in to see the Doctor, who told me that everything was fine with the baby, but they were worried about the femur measurement as it had not grow as much as expected. She reassured me that the other measurements had progressed fine and they were not worried about anything but they wanted to book me in for another scan in two weeks time to check progress.

I also saw my midwife this week, had my 28 week bloods checked and discussed feeding options etc

28 Weeks

After not being able to find out the sex of our baby at our last scan, James and I decided to book a private gender scan. We looked online and found a company called Ultrasound Direct and booked their Gender Scan which cost £39. After having such negative experiences with my NHS scans, I was so worried that they wouldn’t be able to tell us the gender or even see it because of my BMI.

We arrived and waited anxiously, within 2 minutes of being scanned the sonographer was able to tell us the gender of our baby. I felt so calm and relaxed for the first time in a long time when having something like this done. We were delighted! We even got a 4D preview included, which was slightly weird to see on the screen.

I would definitely recommend Ultrasound Direct of you are looking to have a private scan. They offer so many different options and have various locations around the UK so if you are thinking about booking one definitely check them out. Anyway, you all now know we had a boy!!! James and Maisie were right!

29 Weeks

I’m still signed off work with sickness. It seems to be easing off throughout the afternoon which has been a welcome change.

I had another growth scan this week and trust me when I say it was more than eventful. The scan went fine, baby had grown well and followed the curve. I had a consultant appointment after ward and she discussed about my options for the birth and the possibility of being induced. I said I was against this and wanted to go into labour naturally. My consultant said she was happy with this as long as baby continues to grow above the tenth centile line and his growth doesn’t stop or slow down.

It was after this where things took a turn for the worst. I was sat waiting for my notes back only to witness the clerk leave them open I fill view on the reception desk while she totted off somewhere to deal with something else. Several members of the public were around checking in for appointments etc and my notes were just there freely available for them to read!!!

I let it go but I was so mad! I rang my Mum to talk about how well it went and then about an hour later my phone rang. It was the hospital, the lady on the phone said the Consultant was requesting that I return to see her at the hospital. I asked why and she said she couldn’t tell me. Panic mode set in …. I am the actual worst with stuff like this. I was on my own as well as James was unable to come. So I got on the bus back up to the hospital ran through to the other side and let reception know I was back. It was an anxious wait, I had tears rolling down my face I was so scared they were going to tell me they had missed something and that our baby boy was not actually ok.

Turns out… they had sent me away with someone else’s notes inserted into mine. I mean I know its a huge data protection issue, but why not just tell me on the phone rather than have me all scared rushing back to the hospital assuming the worst.

30 and 31 weeks

I’ve started to think about cloth nappies for our little bambino. So I have done some research as decided that pocket nappies with inserts would work best for us. I ordered some Littles and Bloomz birth to potty nappies with both bamboo and microfiber inserts from Ebay, they are the cutest things! I’m going to be doing a bit of a post on these once I’ve started to use them and let you know all about them so if this is something that interests you make sure you check back once the baby is here!

I went for another growth scan at 31+5 weeks, again baby was growing on the line and all was well. I’m really hoping that I don’t have to be induced!

Although sickness is still a huge issue for me, I’ve decided to go back to work this week instead of sitting at home anymore. At home I generally feel much better around lunchtime if I have some time to sit and do nothing in a morning. I rang work to see if it would be possible for me to return to work on reduced hours. My bosses were really supportive and let me start at 12.30 and work until 16.45. I just had to get another fit note from my GP who recommended on it that I was fit to return to work and work in the afternoon only. I am really nervous to go back, just in case I over do it and end up becoming worse again, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take.

I’m getting more and more nervous about labour. I noticed in my notes the consultant has written a sort of plan for how my labour will go, things like having to have my baby at hospital so a doctor can be present because they expect something to go wrong. They have also written that I will have to have a cannula in during my labour. I queried this and the consultant explained that because of my BMI, I may need to have intervention so it’s easier to give me medication if I need it. I’m so mad, I hate being judged for a number on a page, it’s making me feel like I won’t be able to have a natural, normal birth like I wanted.

32 Weeks

Huge blood pressure drama for me this week. I attended a routine Midwife appointment before work one morning, the Midwife I saw was yet another new face. She took my blood pressure and it was very high, then she found babies heartbeat and decided to take my blood pressure again and it was still high. I was then sent to the Antenatal Day Unit for monitoring.

I’m really mad because naturally I got there and everything was fine, I had to call into work to tell them I wasn’t coming in and also I rang my husband and got him out of work to come with me as I was so worried about going on my own.

Looking back now I know exactly why my blood pressure was high, it was because she did not use a large cuff! It clearly says in my notes that I need that and it was missed!

I’ve settled back into my job well and it’s like I’ve never been away! I missed most of the September busy period which was nice, I work in Education Transport so this is the worst time on the phones for us!

It wasn’t all bad this week though, it was my 29th Birthday and I loved spending some quality time with my family. We went out for a really nice meal, the only bad thing I can say about it is that they had run out of non alcoholic beer 🙁 

33 and 34 Weeks

Heading into my last couple of weeks at work before my maternity leave starts. I had 8 days holiday left so I have booked these in for before my official date of the 29th October! It’s so scary to think that soon I will be a stay at home mum to two squishies.

I have been feeling much better with the sickness this week, like I’m still sick in a morning but I’m coming around much quicker than before. I still have the odd day where I’m feeling like death but that is much better than feeling it everyday.

I’ve managed to get a few things sorted for our new arrival, like clothes and other bits and bobs. We’ve bought a steriliser and perfect prep machine. I do plan on breastfeeding but I’m just going to take this as it comes. With my daughter it didn’t work out too well and I was in extreme pain every time she latched, so James and I have discussed it and decided I won’t put too much pressure on myself if things don’t go right this time around either.

I’ve enjoyed seeing some friends and getting out and about as well which has been nice. My bump is getting big, I’m literally living in two oversized t-shirt dresses from DP curve in a size 24, which is 2 sizes too big! I must say I’ve been dissapointed in the range of maternity options available for plus size women, but I’ve coped and made it work.

35 and 36 weeks

It’s my last two days at work this week and I’m really nervous, what will I do with myself, suddenly everything is becoming alot more real. I never left a job when I had Maisie, as I was a full time student, I had her during the summer break and just went back in September as normal. James took care of Maisie during the day as he worked in the evenings when I arrived home. It’s just suddenly hit me that this time it will be me! I’m excited but nervous at the same time!

My colleagues gave me a lovely send off, with a card and a gift voucher so I could choose something for the baby. I was actually quite sad to leave but excited as everything seems so real now!

We had the final growth scan and this time things hadn’t panned out the way we had hoped. The baby has fallen down to the 5th centile line, meaning that I have been booked in for an extra scan at 37 weeks. The doctor said if he hasn’t grown enough to go above the 10th centile line they will book me in for an induction and gave me some information. I’m hoping that as this was a difficult scan due to how the baby was laid (I had to get up and walk around half way through) that it has just been an error somewhere!

37 Weeks

We’ve had a really busy week this week. Maisie has had half term, so I got to spend some really quality time with her. We had such a good week and did all sorts of nice things at home together. She also came to a Midwife appointment with me and got really involved in helping them check baby’s heartbeat which she loved.

My Auntie and Uncle were down in Yorkshire from Scotland to celebrate their wedding anniversary, so the whole family were round at my mums house. IT was hectic but great to see so many of us all in one room!

My Uncle is a huge Leeds fan, so my Auntie had bought tickets for the game as a gift for James, Maisie and I. She had also purchased one of the commemorative stones which have been laid around the Billy Bremner statue at Elland Road for their wedding anniversary as they actually got married at the football ground. So we went with them to the game. We have been to alot of matches as a family, but it was nice to go with them too! It dawned on me whilst there that this would probably be the last match I attended for a while.

I had my extra growth scan, it wasn’t the news we wanted. Our baby had grown, but not enough and he was still under the 5th centile line and estimated to be 5lb 7oz. The consultant explained that 30% of babies who are SGA (small for gestational age) at this point were born with problems and that for any measuring under the 10th centile they liked to induce.

This was not what I wanted, but I accepted the induction because it wasn’t a risk I was willing to take. I was booked in for an induction 2 days later, told I would be phoned on the day once a bed became available.

Leaving the hospital I was a bag of emotions, it really wasn’t what I wanted not only for my birth but because of Maisie. I really did not want to be stuck in hospital for an extended period of time whilst my little girl was at home without me! But it is what it is and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

We spent our last few nights together before I went in as a family of 3 watching films and preparing things for the arrival of our little one!

That’s it, I can’t believe my pregnancy diary ends at 37 weeks, make sure you keep your eyes out for my labour story which I will be adding to the blog shortly. I’m also going to be writing a piece on coping with extreme morning sickness, sharing my tips and tricks to get through it (and I don’t mean telling you to eat a ginger biscuit)


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