Plus Size and Pregnant – Pregnancy Diary 13-24 weeks

Welcome to another post in my plus size and pregnant segment, where i talk about all things to do with my pregnancy. I know it’s been quite a while since my last update, but I’ve really been suffering! But I’m back today to update you on my pregnancy once again. If you missed my first update, you can read it by clicking here!

13 Weeks

After seeing my baby last week at the scan, I was really apprehensive to go and see the consultant. I had been referred by the midwife because of my BMI or so I assumed. I went along to the appointment and I was so nervous because I thought that i was about to get a lecture about my weight etc as I’ve heard so many stories.

The consultant was lovely. Basically she said to me that she had no idea why I had been referred so early as there were currently no complications with my pregnancy and all my test results so far had been fine. She did however mention that one of the reasons I was referred was because my last baby was small, I needed to be monitored and by this I was slightly confused. When Maisie was born, no one had ever said she was a small baby so this was news to us. I was prescribed a higher dose of folic acid to take for my whole pregnancy, a low dose of aspirin and told to also take a multivitamin. I am really worried about taking the aspirin, as in the leaflet it says that it can cause complications with the baby.

Emma Ellis, the plus size of life, plus size and pregnant, 16 to 24 weeks

14 Weeks

I’ve managed to have three days with no sickness this week, which is huge for me. I feel like I’m finally starting to get over it and hopefully soon I will be feeling more like my usual self.

I’ve noticed changes in my skin, I’m not as spotty at the moment but I’m definitely a lot more oily. I’m assuming this is down to me no longer using my products from The Ordinary as i’m not sure how they would affect things with them being exfoliators and if they would pass into the blood or not :/

My little girl is getting excited about becoming a big sister. She is convinced that we are going to have a boy!!

15 Weeks

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about moving house. We currently rent a lovely 2 bed, but I’m just worried if there will be enough room for our growing family. I would love my children to have their own rooms though! James and I have discussed both the pros and cons of moving and we’ve decided that we are going to stay where we are and see how things work out! It’s not the end of the world and I know we will make it work with the space we have.

The new arrival will be in with us anyway once it is born so it’s not essential at the moment, Maisie will still have her own space which is probably going to be great for her once there is a new arrival in the house!

16-20 Weeks

I went to see the midwife this week. All was good and I got to hear the babies heartbeat which I don’t remember having during my last pregnancy. It makes things seem a bit more real! Especially cause the baby is still so tiny.

My sickness is becoming less and less and I’ve been managing to have less and less days off work which is great. I hate being off work, it makes me so anxious ringing in sick that I cannot relax at all!

I also received a gorgeous baby on board badge from Miffy! It’s soo cute and has really helped with my commute to work. Being plus size it is obviously still hard to even tell that I am pregnant so when you are travelling on a packed train it’s nice that people are aware. It’s not so much so they give up their seat for me, it’s more for my own personal space and so that when I am packed into the doorway with others like sardines, people are aware and give me a little bit of extra breathing room!

Emma Ellis, the plus size of life, plus size and pregnant, miffy, baby on board


At 18 weeks I started to notice the baby moving. It’s so reassuring, I was really worried that because of my weight I wouldn’t feel it for ages but it’s safe to say we have an active little one at the moment.

20-24 weeks

James and I went for the 20 week scan on the 3rd July. I was really excited as I couldn’t wait to find out the gender but baby had other ideas. The little munchkin had it’s legs crossed so the sonographer really couldn’t say. I was quite disappointed, as I hadn’t prepared myself for the fact that we wouldn’t find out. Maisie was also disappointed and cried at the fact that she didn’t know whether it was going to be a girl or a boy! I have another scan coming up at 27 weeks though so I am hoping we will find out then. The main thing was that everything with the baby is totally fine, all measurements were good. We have healthy, active little bean and couldn’t be happier.

Emma Ellis, the plus size of life, plus size and pregnant, 20 week scan

I attended my cousin’s wedding in Carlisle at 22 weeks. It was great to spend some time with my family and enjoy the day. It was also nice to have a few nights away. What was really special about the trip was that James was able to feel the baby moving for the first time! I was in complete shock as I know other plus size women have reported that this didn’t happen for a while, some even saying it was over 30 weeks before their partners felt their little one moving. Obviously this meant Maisie could feel too and she was very excited. I think it makes it a whole lot more real for the family once they can feel baby too.

I’ve officially given notice at work, my Maternity leave will begin on Monday 29th October and I am super excited. As this is my second pregnancy, you don’t see the midwife at 20 and 24 weeks, you only see her at 28 weeks so I had to ring them to arrange my MATB1 form. This form is reallly important, it officially confirms your pregnancy with your employer and also allows you to claim SMP if you are entitled to it. It has suddenly become much more real now that everything is official with my employer!

We haven’t really bought much for the baby. We still have a lot of the essentials to buy but we are planning on starting once I’ve had the next scan and hopefully we know the sex.We have a lot of bits left over from having Maisie so if this little one is a girl we have lots we can use.

I’ve made a list of all the things we need and where I want to buy them from so it won’t be too difficult to go shopping. It is my second, but Maisie was a summer baby so I’m having to make sure I remember winter essentials this time around. I think because it is our second as well we are only sticking to buying things we really need, as we know from last time what we did not really use.

Names is another hot topic in the Ellis household at the moment. James and I were struggling to choose so we downloaded an app called Kinder. Basically tinder but for baby names. Once you and your partner both like a name it notifies you that you have a match! It’s way easier than having a discussion. So far we have matched 1 girls name and 7 boys names.

Emma Ellis, the plus size of life, plus size and pregnant, kinder baby name app

I’ve been coping quite well considering the weather we are having in the UK at the moment. I’ve made sure that i’ve been keeping hydrated and that I am taking regular breaks from my desk. Sometimes my office is so warm it’s nice to go outside for some fresh air, even with the heat.

My morning sickness has returned with a vengeance at 24 weeks. I am so over it now! I hateeeee having to miss work, I want to be there doing my job but I’ve had to have 3 days out of the last 7 at home. I’m worried that it won’t go away again and I will have to spend the rest of my pregnancy at home. It’s quite depressing, I feel quite weird about it to be honest, like I’m moaning about not being well all the time so some days I just try to cover it up. Being at work when you are throwing up alot is not good, especially for a pregnant woman who pees a little sometimes when being sick (ahhhhh the joys of pregnancy) At least at home I can feel clean and comfortable.

I’ve got so much coming up in August, I have the Gestational Diabetes Test, another scan and a midwife appointment so there will be lots to update you on soon. I’ve also got posts about coping with morning sickness and plus size maternity fashion coming soon so make sure you check those out!

In the mean time just for a bit of fun, what do you think the sex will be? I’m voting a girl and James and Maisie think it’s a boy! Let me know in the comments below!

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