Party Season Makeup Tips – Get your glitter on!

Without a doubt, this is my all time favourite time of year. I just love the glitz and glamour of party season and it means I can wear glitter to my hearts content without having to justify myself. In the first post of my Party Season Makeup Tips, I’m going to be helping you to get your glitter on by sharing my favourite products to give you that extra sparkle! All are hopefully budget friendly, like nothing is over £10 so let’s get stuck in!

Collection – Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner

I’ve talked about this product before on the blog, but it is still an essential part of my makeup collection today! I love these Glam Grystals Gel Liner’s becuase they are so versatile and dry nicely without looking crusty on the eye. With them you can add glitter to your look by lining under your eyes or adding a full on cat eye and ditching traditional black liner. You can also use them on your lid for a more dramatic look, like in a cut crease look or just all over. They definitely are alot more subltle and easier to use than some other produtcs on the market. They are so precise so if you’re new to using glitter, then these are definitely for you! These are priced at just £2.99 each at Superdrug

Primark PS – Glitter Obsessed Palette

Ok, so this is definitely another one for you beginners. Beauty bloggers have raved about this and seemingly it is hard to find in Primary stores, but I’ve had mine for quite a while now and have seen it recently in my local store. The palette contains 28 different glitter creme shades that are soooo perfect for adding a bit of glam to any makeup look. There is every colour you could ever need in this palette, from golds and bronzes to blues and purples this palette will take you from party season to festival season so it is definitely worth investing in. I like to pat the creams onto the inner corner of my eye or all over a neutral smoky add to add some drama. Beware though, do not go CRAZY with application, these are creme formulas so if you apply too much it will crease up on the eye! For £4 can you really make an excuse not to try this?

Barry M – Glitter Rush Body Glitter

Ok, so yes it does say body glitter, but the eye is a part of your body right? These little pots are stunning fine loose glitters that can look absolutley stunnning on the eye. They come in 8 colours, most of which are gold and silver so perfect for party season. I currently have 2, Fireball and Glitter Onyx and I like to use them on the lid with a heavy smoky eye. I use the gold one with brown tones smoking out the crease and outer corner, I then take a small amount of eyelash glue or glitter adhesive and apply it to the lid, from the inner corner to the outer. I then take a small brush and pat the glitter onto where I applied the glue and voila! The gold looks perfect with a classic red lip and subtle highlight! These Barry M Glitters are available for £4.59 at Superdrug!

NYX – Glitter Brillants 

I had to include this! For me this glitter is so so so gorgeous. This colour is rose, it was the first I ever bought. I want more but they never have the colours I want in stock at my local counter. Although you apply it in the same way as the Barry M glitter, NYX has such a wider range of colours that really pop on the eye! This glitter is so finely milled meaning that it doesn’t feel clumpy or irritate the eyes, like you literally cannot tell it’s glitter. I love to add this to looks with purple hues, it creates a really intense look. My all time fave Youtuber RawBeautyKristi created an amazing look using the blue glitter that I’m dying to create myself! These are available in 12 gorgeous colours, some classic and some more vibrant. You can get them at your local NYX counter or onthe  Boots website for £5.50 each!

So what do you think of my glitter picks? Have you tried any of the products I have featured? Are there any I haven’t that I should give a try?

This post was NOT sponsored but it does include afilliate links. For more information, please read my disclaimer page 🙂


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