Decluttering my Makeup collection

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When it comes to makeup, I have to admit that I am a bit of a hoarder. So recently when James and I decided to redecorate our bedroom in the new house, I decided it was definitely time to think about decluttering my makeup collection. In doing so I noticed a few little rules that I followed when deciding to either keep something or get rid, so I thought I would share some tips with you!

Anything out of date simply must go!

Obviously this is a no brainer. I hate to even think about what a state some of the makeup in my drawer was in or even how long it had been sat there. I actually never used to even think about it, but some of the foundation I threw away was seperated and manky looking.

I’m not sure on the effects of using out of date makeup, but thinking logically I’m assuming it won’t perform like it should and worse case scenario it could harbour some pretty nasty bacteria, which if used could have a negative effect on your skin. If it’s a product for the eyes, it might even cause you some damage so it’s seriously not worth it. It was one of the easiest steps when decluttering my makeup collection as everything out of date just went, the decision was already made for me so it made things slightly easier.

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Lockdown Homeschooling: Expectation Vs Reality

So I shared this meme from Mum of Boys and Mabel on my own personal Facebook page last week and though it was hilarious because it is so true! It got me thinking about what we did when we started the lockdown homeschooling and how we do it now. So I thought I would share this lighthearted post comparing my expectations vs reality!

Expectation: Operating to my perfectly planned timetable

Reality: Yes, this one was bound to fail before we got very far! Nothing is going to run to time when you have an 8 year old and a 1 year old in tow. However, I like writing lists so I thought yup! Structure is what I need. Little did I know that even if you plan the timetable somewhat around the school structure and your toddlers routine, it still will not go to plan.

We had points where Maisie was rushing work, so finishing before the allocated time. We had moments where Arthur just went into complete meltdown and I had to sort him out before I could carry on with helping Maisie with her work.

So now we have ditched the timetable, Maisie mostly uses SeeSaw and completes the tasks that her teachers have set her, mostly in her own time with a break for a snack and lunch. Then if I feel she hasn’t done enough we have some extra worksheets etc. The school are providing a good all round timetable of work, so I feel like she is getting most of what she needs to be.



Expectation: “It’s year 4 work, how hard can it be?”

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What the Coronavirus lockdown has taught me

Image by Matt Seymour

I would be lying if I said that when Boris announced the UK was going to lockdown, I was fine with that. In fact I was super scared. The Coronavirus has caused absolute chaos to our lives and grief to others I can’t even comprihend. Reflecting on my own personal experience, I wanted to share what the Coronavirus lockdown has taught me.

How to be at home

I have always been a working parent since I had my first child in 2011. Working was my own personal way of getting a little bit of sanity and in all honesty time away from being a Mum and wife. I enjoyed my job, but since I went back to work after having Arthur, it was becoming more and more difficult for me to enjoy leaving my children and paying for someone else to look after them.

At the end of February I was signed off work with my anxiety, it was the worst I have been in around 8 years and whilst off I just thought to myself “why am I doing this?” We crunched some numbers and decided that we could manage so when I went back to work I handed my notice in. Working my notice, I began to feel regret and guilt for taking my children away from a childcare setting they loved and I began to doubt that I had made the right decision.

Then the Coronavirus lockdown was announced and being unable to work from home, suddenly, that was it. I no longer had a job and I was a stay at home Mum. Being thrust into it meant that all my doubts about leaving work were diminished, I felt confident being at home and confident that I would smash it, I didn’t really have a choice.

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Plus Size Autumn Wedding Guest Style Featuring Navabi*

Happy Autumn everyone, I love this time of year so much. I love the colours and of course there is Halloween and Bonfire night too! James and I were invited to a wedding in the lake district last weekend and being plus size I was really struggling to find something to wear I would feel comfortable in. When I was asked by Navabi if I would like a dress back at the end of September, I knew I had to choose something for the wedding!


Navabi is a plus size clothing company, that stock 10000 styles for sizes 14+. They have an amazing variety of plus size dresses to suit any occasion and budget and I for one was pleasantly surprised by the range they had to offer, from designer brands to their own line there really is something to suit any ones taste. Having never shopped with them before I was in awe looking at all that was on offer on the website and managed to choose a dress I loved fairly easily using the filters you can apply on the site. I will just add here that Navabi don’t just sell dresses, they have everything from coats to knitwear and skirts to trousers so make sure you check them out if you are looking for something new to add to your wardrobe.

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If you follow me on social media, you may have seen my posts on Twitter and Instagram yesterday about Real Nappy Week 2019!

I have a few posts coming up this week including one about busting the myths about cloth nappies and our own personal cloth nappy journey. First I thought I would share some info about disposable nappies and also some websites and groups I found helpful that you can check out if you’re thinking about using cloth!

I was shocked to discover some of the hard hitting facts about disposable nappies, mainly that 1 disposable nappy takes 500 years to biodegrade! According to Baby Centre around 7 Million disposable nappies are thrown away in the UK every day, this figure is incredible, just imagine how long those nappies are in landfill!

Of course there is a great incentive with cloth nappies in that you will save alot of money. The average cost of disposables per child is around £750 from birth to potty, meaning that after buying your cloth nappies, you  could save around £600 depending on brand and style chosen as some are more expensive than others.

So if you’re thinking of getting started with cloth nappies, here are some places to start!

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Plus Size Trend – Animal Print

*This post contains affiliate links. For more info on this check out my disclaimer! Not all links to products in this post are affiliate links, so to make it clear which would make me a small commission, I have put (AL)before those that are 🙂

If you’ve been shopping for clothes recently, you will have no doubt noticed that Animal print is somewhat of a plus size trend at the moment! I’m pretty boring when it comes to my choice of fashion at the moment, having just had a baby, I feel like I’ve not been wearing anything exciting lately, choosing convenience over fashion. I thought I would share some animal print pieces from some of my fave plus size brands. I also reached out and asked for other bloggers to share their animal print outfits too so will be including some of there looks for inspiration!ATTACHMENT DETAILS Plus-Size-trend-animal-printboohooThe-plus-Size-of-life-Emma-Ellis-Plus-Size-Blogger-

(AL) Leopard Print Wrap Tie Waist Maxi Dress £25.00

(AL) Leopard Print Pocket Detail Shacket £28.00

(AL) Wrap Leopard Wrap Cami £18.00

Tiger Print Tie Waist Blouse £25.00

Snake Print Button Detail Wrap Mini Skirt £18.00

Orange Snake Print Tie Waist Blouse £22.00

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Bargain beauty buys to use everyday*

*This post: Bargain beauty buys to use everyday contains Affiliate Links, please see my Disclaimer page for more info. These types of links have all have (*AL) before them.

If you have read my blog for a while you know that I am not adverse to bargain beauty buys. I have a range of posts on budget beauty including this everyday eyeshadow look and this pound picks post.  Recently, I’ve fallen in love with some great products that really don’t cost the earth so thought I would share my bargain beauty buys I use everyday!

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(*AL) Collection Primed and Ready Illuminating and Reviving Eyeshadow Primer £3.99

It seems like there is a primer for everything these days and when I first bought this I was not expecting much, but I have to say this is honestly one of the best eyeshadow primers I have tried.

It’s a good consistency, not too thick and sticky and applies evenly over or under foundation. As it has a brightening effect, I sometimes do apply this underneath concealer as a base on my lids and don’t apply any eyeshadow and it really helps to brighten the eye area. If I apply shadow once it has set, it really helps to bring out the colour and helps the product blend.

For best results do not set with powder!

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Welcoming a baby into the family when you have other children

As all of you know, we have recently welcomed Arthur into our little family. One thing I was worried about when I was pregnant was upsetting our daughter Maisie, who is 7, or making her feel like we were trying to replace her in some way. I was also really worried that an age gap of 7 years was too much as it had just been James, Maisie and I for so long! I thought I would write this post and include some of the things we did to help with welcoming a baby into the family when you have other children.


Involve your other children in your pregnancy

I think this one goes without saying. I think it’s really important to involve any siblings in your pregnancy from the beginning. We told Maisie about Arthur as soon as we found out – although watch out with this one as it might not be a secret for long! There were lots of ways Maisie was able to be involved in the pregnancy, such as coming to scans and Midwife appointments, shopping to help choose things for the baby and helping to choose the name.

Don’t pressure them to touch your bump if they don’t want to, I let Maisie know she could feel the baby when she wanted and she came to me to ask when she felt ready. I was always available to talk to if she wanted to ask any questions and she took everything in her stride. 

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