ENDED: Oyster Brightening Eye Serum Review and Giveaway!*

So you lucky lot! I have another giveaway for you this month! It’s something that I am really excited about, the Oyster Brightening Eye Serum! Read my review and make sure you enter using the entry form at the bottom of the post!

Oyster Skincare is a brand new premium brand based in the UK. It’s the brain child of two hotel and spa owners who wanted to create a range of premium skincare products. The blend of essential oils and skin enhancing actives promises to bring you products to both fortify the mind and repair the body. It is both vegan and cruelty free and offers you a theraputic kiss by blending plant wisdom, essential oils and skin actives, to help you unwind and care for your skin at the same time!

The Oyster Brightening Eye Serum is packed full of the following actives, which I researched to find their individual benefits!

  1. Hyaluronic Acid –  helps to retain moisture in the skin and because of this it helps to combat signs of aging. Now i’m no expert but i would assume that this is great for those bags and sags around the eyes!
  2. Co-Enzyme Q10 – Much like the ingredient above, this helps with anti-aging because it stimulates collagen production.
  3. Pentapeptides – wrinkle reducing! say no more, I have loads!
  4. Cafeisilane – for puffiness, something I don’t tend to suffer with myself alot, but I do if it’s been a long day.
  5. Niacinamide – a naturally potent ingredient that helps reduce the look of dark circles. The dark circles around my eyes are crazy!
  6. Green Tea and Raspberry – natural antioxidents to help soothe and calm the skin.

After seeing that this serum contained all these skin enhancing actives, I couldn’t wait to give it a try!

I love the packaging, it’s unique to the brand and definitely feels like premium skincare. It remids me of the Ocean, with it’s gorgeous blue tones which definitely fits in with the name! Inside the box is a bottle of serum with a pump to make it easy to dispense. What I love most about the design of the product is that it differs from anything else and I will definitely remember what it looks like.


The serum itself is a gel like formula which is a yellowy colour. It is easy to dispense and use. It definitely has a slight odour to it. The instructions say to dispense a small amount, cup your hands and take in the aroma. I do this every evening and it definitely seems to calm and soothe my mind.

The gel is really easy to apply, it isn’t sticky or tacky. A little goes a long way and it was really easy to incorporate into my daily routine. I apply it under my eyes and over the brow bone, patting it into the skin. I have been using the serum both morning and night and I have definitely started to notice a difference in the two weeks I have been applying it.

You do instantly notice how the skin around the eyes feels different after the first few uses but after two weeks my skin feels firmer and more moisturised. I can’t say I have noticed a change in the dark cirkles, but I’m hoping this will come with time! I feel like this serum is both a prevention and a cure in one for me and has really helped me combat the signs of aging before it was too late.

I love the product and I’m definitely glad that I gave it a try, It has become a part of my routine now and I think since it works and does what it should I will buy this again. You can buy it for yourself here on Amazon, priced at £15 or enter my giveaway below and you could win your very own!

You can also enter on my Facebook page!

Please read the terms and conditions before entering and good luck! Let me know in the comments below once you have entered!

Win A Bottle Of Brightening Eye Serum By Oyster #16

*This product was gifted to me for the purpose of review, however all opinions in this post are my own 🙂

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  1. I suffer from chronic dark under eye circles, No matter how much I sleep, they remain! When I am tired I also get very puffy eyes, so this product sounds like a godsend. It’s wonderful to hear that it’s vegan and cruelty free too. Those are so important to me. Thanks for sharing.

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