Outfit August! Saturday is a shirt day!

OUTFIT AUGUST 500 WIDEHappy August everybody! I can’t quite believe we have already reached the 8th month of the year! I’m excited to be taking part in Outfit August, organised by the lovely Leah of Just Me Leah!

I’m trying to post some sort of post every day this month, sadly they won’t all be outfits but I have lots of things scheduled so make sure you keep checking back to see what is new!

So, today we did nothing much, so I just thought i’d share a lovely shirt that I often like to wear with you all instead of a full outfit!

I love this simple shirt, I bought it in Sainsbury’s a while back now. I’ve worn it on a few occasions, both casual and more formal. I love the lace detail, which goes all across the top at the back also.

I’ve worn it not only as a shirt but also as a little cover up aswell whilst on a night out. In this picture I was wearing it with Jeans, but it looks great tucked into a skater skirt or with a tube skirt as well!

You can leave the collar open for a more casual look or wear it with a statement necklace like i did, the one i’m wearing is from Topshop.

Hopefully I will have a full outfit for you in a couple of days! I’ve literally been enjoying the first day of my holiday’s from work and just chillaxing whilst doing some chores in between.

There are lots of awesome babes taking part in Outfit August as well, please do check them out using the links below 🙂 If you have Instagram or Twitter check out  #OutfitAugust2015



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    1. Thanks babe! Can’t wait to get more outfits on throughout August! Loving everyone’s so far!! xxx

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