Oily Skin – My must have products!

Having any form of oily skin is usually a complete nightmare when you want to wear make up, mine certainly never used to last! I consider myself to have combination skin as it is extremely sensitive and dry in parts, but in others it is incredibly oily.

Getting make up to stay on my face was becoming an intense struggle and I looked a mess only two or three hours after applying make up! So after the long hard struggle of constantly trying different products and changing up my beauty routine, I have found products that actually help to combat my oily skin problem! Here are four of my must haves!

Oily Skin - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis



1.Garnier Oily Skin Clarifying Wash £3.29 Boots – This is a great wash for the morning. After use, there is no shine left on my face and you can feel the mattifying effecting it has as it dries. I also use this after removing my make up in the evening

2. Garnier Moisture Match Matte Moisturiser £4.19 Boots  – Another fab product, this oil free moisturiser compliments the face wash and because it is oil free does not leave any greasy nasty residue. It provides great hydration without adding to my problem areas.

3. Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Facial Mask with Active Charcoal – £3.59 Boots – Im in love with this mask! This mask contains active charcoal, which helps to keep skin clean and healthy by removing dirt, sebum and impurities. It also gets rid of oil leaving my skin shine free! I use this about once a week, or before I put my make up on when going on a night out to keep myself from becoming an oily mess!! I love that its got tea tree and witch hazel, meaning its also extremely kind to the sensitive skin on my face too. Boots have a few different products in this range which i’m keen to try as well.

4. Mac Blot Film £12.00 Mac online – Does exactly what it says on the tin, perfect to have in your handbag to remove excess oil. This differs from other blotting products I have used as it’s a film and not a paper and it has become my favourite for this reason. It can be pretty disgusting to see how much oil I have accumulated on my skin during the day, this helps to refresh my make up without necessarily having to apply more powder and make myself look cakey!

Getting used to oily skin was hard, but knowing your own skin and knowing which products can help will be a great start getting your confidence back in your beauty regime!

Do you have oily skin? What are your favourite beauty products to use?



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