New Look Winter Wishlist – Essentials

Baby it’s cold outside, and I’m definitely starting to feel the chill. I popped into New Look yesterday and noticed they had a nice range of winter scarfs, hats gloves and other essentials to keep warm this winter! So I decided to post this New Look Winter Wishlist!

the plus size of life New Look Winter Essentials Wishlist

1. Orange Crotchet Beret £5.99

I’m loving this cute little beret! I have always had a thing about a good beret, they are so cute, and I can channel my inner Blair Waldorf when I’m wearing one. This little number is perfect for the slightly warmer days this winter, it is super stylish and I adore the colour!

 2. Tan Faux Fur trim Blanket wrap £24.99

Blanket wraps are totally on trend again this season, I have seen so many different styles everywhere but I am in love with this one! I love the fur trim and the autumnal colour palette. This one would be perfect with jeans and a long sleeved jumper or top, it will definitely keep the chill off you this winter.

3. Grey Boucle Knit Scarf £14.99

I actually bought this scarf! It is sooo soft and does a smashing job at keeping the chill off as I found out yesterday evening. This is the perfect winter scarf! There is a lot more material than the picture gives credit for and it’s just perfect for snuggling up in this winter.

4. Wide Fit Lace up Faux Shearling Trim Ankle Boots £29.99

I struggle when it comes to boots, but I actually like these! They would be perfect in the cold weather, as well as snow and rain proof. These are not my usual style, but I could see myself wearing them with most outfits. You could even change them when you got to work so you’re not clumping around the office all day!

5. Dark Red Cable Knit Faux Fur Bobble Hat £7.99

I am a huge fan of the cable knit style and this dark red one is the perfect accessory to have with you this winter. I love the contrasting bobble on the top. I need this hat for all those freezing mornings standing waiting for the train, its perfect at is would cover my ears and keep me nice and toastie.

What do you wear to keep warm in the winter months? What would be on you New Look Winter Wishlist?


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