My glasses story!

As a plus size woman, I have always been told which glasses to choose to suit my face shape and it’s so annoying! I’ve recently had my eye test and updated my glasses and I wanted to share my glasses story with you all about when and why I decided to start just choosing the styles I wanted.

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I have astigmatism in both my eyes. It is a relatively common condition and¬†alot of people who wear glasses have it in some form. It can be mild but mine is quite extreme and without glasses or contact lenses I cannot really see, it’smore noticable when I’m trying to read or focus on something but most things look a bit blurry without them on!!

Astigmatism occurs when you have an uneavenly curved lens or cornea in the eye. It causes blurred images becuase the light entering the eye is not focused properly on the retina. So basically, my glasses work to correct astigmatism by compensating for the irregular curve in my eye. It has got worse overtime and I’ve noticed that I need to wear my glasses all the time in order to stop headaches and squintining. I also have to wear a special type of contact lense – but more about that another time!

Over the years, I’ve had so many different styles of glasses. I’ve always been too scared to choose the style of glasses that I want. I’ve taken advice from the staff at the optitions on what to go for in the past and have ended up with glasses that are really not my style. This time though I went thinking I was going to choose exactly what I wanted and I did! I went and chose two gorgeous pairs this time at Specsavers.

The first pair I went for was a gorgeous rose gold pair from the¬†Kylie Minogue Eyewear range.They are clear, but with a gorgeous rose gold tint. I love the frame shape. They are simple yet stylish and I knew as soon as I tried them on I had to have them! I was so excited when I went to pick them up. I remember sitting there seeing the lady coming over to call someone for their fitting and seeing her holding a gold, glittery case in her hand. I thought “oh that’s sooooo awesome, I bet they are for a child but I WANT!” and she called my name. So not only have I got these gorgeous glasses, but an equally gorgeous case to match.

These go with ANY outfit and really stand out. I’ve had so many compliments on them and wear them as much as I can!

I then decided to go for a pair I had had before called Poulter (which I was strongly advised against) and this time was no exception. They are mens glasses, but I loved them and since my last pair broke and I had a new prescription so I wanted to buy them again. They are a tortoiseshell wayfarer style and I love the dark colours in contrast to my pale skin. They are quirky and fun and really compliment my fashion choices. I couldn’t see them on the racks so I asked one of the assistants if they still had them avaliable who said ” They are men’s you know, women’s glasses are over here. There are lots of styles that would suit your face shape” When I replied that I already knew they were “men’s” glasses but they were the style I wanted and I knew I liked them because I had them previously, the assistant became flustered and then went to the computer to check if they could still order them. I was quite annoyed by the suggestion but happy I got to have another two years with these awesome glasses.

Glasses are to me, an extension of your personal style. You have to wear them all the time so they may aswell be ones that you want. I don’t let anyone tell me what clothes to wear so why was I letting someone tell me what sort of glasses to choose? I was really proud of myself for choosing them myself and not lettting anyone talk me out of my choices!

I love them so much! What do you think? Are you a glasses wearer? let me know in the comments!


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