My First Post =)

I thought before I started to bore everyone (more than likely talking about Morrissey and my love for black shoes) that I would write a little bit more about why I was starting this blog.

Growing up, I always struggled with body issues, I was never really comfortable in my own skin. I feel like this held me back, like I never really found ME. I always had this overwhelming  idea that if  I was slim I would be happy.

When I started University – I was probably the unhappiest i’d ever been – i lost some weight and was a size 12 through my totally unhealthy lifestyle (mostly due to spending every possible moment on the lash) and just really not caring about myself. I always seemed to be surrounding myself with the wrong type of friends and was always involved in some form of drama or another I really was depressed

Then I met my husband <3 and he taught me how to be me. We had our beautiful daughter and got married. Now im a size 18/20 (depending on where I shop) and I could not be happier. I have a beautiful family, amazing loyal friends and a stable life.


Recently, I tried to lose weight –  mainly because we are going to Thailand in December. Now even slim, I never had my legs out so I began to panic at the prospect of being in a hot country in peak season. I tried so hard – constantly in the gym – making sure I only consumed 1200 calories a day and I lost weight, but I was unhappy doing it. I realised that I was only doing it so that I wasn’t worried about what other people would think of me in summer clothes or a bikini on holiday. I was not doing it for the right reasons.

I don’t consider myself to be unhealthy – I eat fruit every morning followed by a healthy lunch. I exercise and drink plenty of water. I have no underlying health issues because of my weight, and most of all i realised I am happy just the way I am.

The most important thing to me though is my amazing family – I wake up next to a man who every single day tells me how beautiful I am. To my daughter I am still “Mummy” no matter what my size.

I decided it was time to stop thinking about what everyone else may be thinking about me, and start focussing on how good I feel on the inside and projecting that for the world to see.

Im now looking forward to my Holiday and having the best time! as well as documenting my life and loves here on my new blog 🙂



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