My favourite K-Beauty Masks!

I’ve always been really into my skincare and I have been masking twice a week for at least the past year. I have tried so many different K-Beauty masks and I thought I would share my favourites with you this week and why I like them in case you are looking to try some for yourself. I do use other K-Beauty products in my skincare routine, but to be honest I thought I would just share my favourite masks today because they can be so beneficial to your skincare routine.

I’m going to talk about my favourite K-Beauty masks by brand, because this is the easiest way to tell you what I like. The K-Beauty world is HUGEEEE there are so many different lines within each brand that I am still discovering new things I like all the time. In this post I have included masks that I re-purchase regularly. These masks basically contain some great active ingredients that you might find in serums or essences so I tend to use them after I have cleansed and toned my face and before I use any of my regular serums. I don’t use an exfoliating acid on the day I use my masks.

I get all my masks from Mask House, they are a small shop I think and they do have a physical store in Newcastle. I order mine online and they always arrive quickly and nicely packaged. You can sign up for an account and then get money off as you collect points on your purchases. I also have a referral link** here, which will get you 15% off on purchases over £30 I think, plus I will get 500 points to my account if you do this.


I love these PACKage masks, the designs are so cute and three of my favourites have a cute message on the actual mask. These are the four different ones pictured:

Oasis (Blue) – an intense moisturising mask.

Don’t Worry (Green) – a mask for sensitive skin containing Centalla to help calm skin

Sweet Dream (Purple) – a mask for very dry skin, contains natural oils to really hydrate skin. Also smells like lavender and perfect to use just before bed. It literally smells like sleep

I Love Myself (Red) – a makeup boosting mask, refreshing and illuminating. For all skin types and helps to prep the skin for makeup.

I love these and the red one definitely makes a difference to my makeup when I use it before I apply anything else to my face. I always have at least one of each in my collection as sometimes I need something if my skin is dried our from using oil free products or if my face is feeling really sensitive after using exfoliants.


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Another brand I use alot of K-Beauty masks from is G9Skin.

Pictured are:

Colour Clay Masks Firming (pink) and Calming (green) – These are some of my favourite sheet masks. They are basically like a clay mask in sheet mask form. You peel off the backing of the mask and apply it to the face, then peel off the front and then you are left with the clay mask on your face. You leave it on for 40 minutes and then wash off with water once it is dried down. I love these because they are like a standard clay mask with a lot less mess! The calming one is lovely when my skin is a bit angry and red.

Milk Bomb Masks – Strawberry, vanilla and banana – I love these milk bomb masks, they are extremely hydrating and leave my skin feeling bouncy and soft. Plus they are soooo fun! Look how cute the packaging is!

Vita Ampoule Lip Patch – I have only recently started using lip patches but I have been blown away by the results! In the world of K-Beauty, an “ampoule” in the 10 step routine is a serum, but with a higher concentration of the active ingredients. This mask leaves my lips feeling SO soft. Much better than a lip scrub in my opinion which can be way too irritating.

Holika Holika

Emma Ellis, the plus size of life, beauty blog, K-Beauty Masks, Holika Holika masks, Juicy and various others, plus size blogger

Holika Holika is a pretty well know K-Beauty brand available to buy on sites like Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic. I love their extended range of skincare but I use two types of basic mask from them myself. They are a really affordable brand with a high end feel.

I tend to buy the same ones, the are all pretty simple with different active ingredients so each one does something different. Like the green tea one is calming, the cucumber one is moisturising and so on. The juicy masks are also really nice and provide different types of nourishment for your skin.

A. by Bom

Emma Ellis, the plus size of life, beauty blog, K-Beauty Masks, x2 A by Bom masks, pink and ultra leaf masks, plus size blogger

This is a brand that I was introduced to by receiving a free mask from Mask House when I spent over £15. I LOVED it so decided to try some more.

They are cute and are a slightly different format to your generic K-Beauty sheet mask and I think that is why I love them.

Ultra Moisture Mask – This is a three step mask that contains 3 steps. An eye serum, a fresh soothing cream and an ultra moisture sheet mask. You apply the steps in that order.

Ultra night leaf mask – This is a two step mask that contains two large flower patches which you apply to the face first and leave them on for 5 minutes. Then you apply step 2 which is an overnight mask, which you wash off the next morning. My skin feels AMAZING after this mask, plus its cute.

I also recommend the cooling leaf mask, which has 4 leaves shapes you apply to places on the face you need to sooth. You then apply a sheet mask over them and leave it which leaves skin feeling super lovely.

I hope you enjoyed me running down my favourite K-Beauty masks 🙂 I’m sure I will continue to add to my collection and find more that I love. If you have any recommendations, then please let me know in the comments as always

** This is just a referral link, its not an affiliate link or a code for being an influencer. It’s literally something anyone can get if they sign up for an account but I just thought I would share it here in case you wanted to take advantage of getting 15% off 🙂

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