Mini rant!

This post is going to be slightly different in that im going to have a mini rant about something I have experienced lately.

I am plus size and usually choose a size 20 which has always been fine! Now I realllly struggle to find clothes that fit me!

I went to a wedding yesterday evening and I wanted something really special to wear. I ordered about 10 dresses from various retailers and lines and I was so shocked by the differences in size OF THE SAME SIZE DRESSES!

First I tried two Chi Chi London Curve dresses, both of which were a size 20. One just fit me, to the point that it was acceptable and no areas were too baggy. The second one swamped me. It was wayyy too long and extremely baggy around the bust and neck! I was like eh? The thing is, they weren’t too dissimilar in style at all!

Next I ordered a few options from Little Mistress Curve in 20s. They had to go back as they were way too baggy. Upon returning these I ordered size 18s from the Curve range, then I fell in love with a dress from the straight size options which I also got in an 18. I thought again that because they were from the same company the sizing would be ok, oh how wrong I was!!!

The two dresses from the Curve range were not the problem, it was the dress from the straight line that wouldn’t even touch me. It was like a child’s dress but how? It was the same sizeeee. Surely it not being from the curve range shouldn’t matter it was still an 18!!!!

Now I could just have an odd body shape, or it could be that the clothes from the Curve ranges are made for a more voluptuous fit, but I’m just sick to death of not knowing what size I am.

I want to wear beautiful clothes, I want to spend my money but I dont want to settle and say “even though it’s slighlty too big/small it will do”. I want to order something I’m really excited to come home to and not be disappointed because yet again it doesn’t fit!

How does everyone cope with this? Has this happened to you?


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