Mdina: The Silent City

Mdina, once the capital of Malta is a fortified city that sits on the north of the i sland. It’s more than worth a visit if you are holidaying on the island for so many reasons! Today I wanted to share my experience of Mdina: The Silent City.

Mdina has a very small population of around 300, called the silent city becuase it is closed to anything other than local traffic.

We took the bus from our hotel in Buggiba to Rabat, which is just outside the city walls and strolled up to the entrance to Mdina. It was so busy and bustling outside and I was worried that it was going to be crowded once we had gone through the city gates. How wrong was I? Once over the bridge, the hustle and bustle subsided as everyone started to take in what Mdina had to offer them. The main gate was actually used as a filming location in the first season of Game of Thrones, where Catelyn Stark arrives in Kings Landing, which I did not realise until James and I watched it again recently and I recognised it from our visit, so that’s pretty special!

We decided to take a horse drawn carriage around the city first, which doesn’t cost much and it’s a really special way to see alot of Mdina. The gentleman was lovely and took us around the city streets, pointing out the sights and telling us about the history of this beautiful city. Maisie even got to ride up front next to him, which she loved!

Our guide also told us about how all the houses here are passed down through families. They rarely come up for sale and when they do, they sell for millions.

After, we went for a stroll around the city ourselves and got lost in it’s history. This place is truly breathtaking, the narrow streets are awesome, like no where I have ever visited before. I was amazed to see one or two cars parked on them too. The buildings are beautiful and it’s so easy to just lose track of time here taking beautiful photos and exploring. Here are just a small a selection of the photos I took of this beautiful city:


Things to do and see:

  1. St Pauls Cathedral – Not the original cathedral of Mdina, it was damaged in an earthquake in the 1600’s and rebuilt as it is today. Notice the two clocks on the front, one for time and one for the date.
  2. The Bastion – A lovely little square with insane views of Malta. Our horse and carriage guide told us that it is possible to see three quarters of Malta from this iewing point.
  3. Knights of Malta Museum – this was really good. It taught me alot about the history of Malta, Mdina and Valetta.
  4. Take a horse drawn carriage around the city – this really was one of the hightlights of our day, we got to see alot of Mdina inclusing the three different gates and we learnt facts we wouldn’t have found out from exploring on our own! You can also choose to include a tour of Rabat.

We had a great day and I feel lucky that I got a chance to visit. Malta overall was lovely and not what I expected. I hope to return one day!

Have you been to Mdina? Would you visit this historic city?

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