Maybelline Baby Lips – Intensive care

So after an intensive day at the dental hospital yesterday and all this cold weather, my lips were in need of some TLC. I searched the house for my favourite Vaseline – the one with cocoa butter in. It never fails to cure my chapped lips and is a winter must have for me. I couldn’t find it.

I popped into Boots before work to pick some up and instead decided to buy the Maybelline Baby Lips Intensive care.


This product boasts not only intensive lip care but 8 hour hydration that will leave your lips baby soft. My first impressions were good. The packaging is cute and it wasn’t much more expensive than my usual choice. It smelt lovely and after the first application my lips definitely started to feel better.

However, this product is not for you if you need a cure for chapped lips. Although it soothes them after a couple of hours my lips just felt the same, where usually the vaseline would have worked on solving the problem this product only alleviated my symptoms for a couple of hours at the most.

I must say I am slightly dissapointed as it doesn’t technically do what it says on the tin. There has been so much hype about these products, I know I have only tried one but it just isn’t anywhere near as good as my trusty vaseline.

It has SPF 20 though which would be really useful in summer to keep those lips soft. I also think you could maybe use it for preventing chapped lips if you applied it on a regular basis.

I still might try other products in the range though as some of them have  colours in, because I dont wear lipstick (I generally mix a coloured and a clear product to make a lighter shade) I think they would be perfect for me.


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