Makeup Revolution hits and misses!

I adore Makeup Revolution, but sometimes the products are just not what I expected them to be like! With such a vast range to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to buy. So to give you an idea I thought I would share my Makeup Revolution hits and misses with you which contains my favourite products as well as some that for me just did not work!


1. I love all the £4 eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution, but my favourite of all of them has to be the Iconic 3. It is my go to palette for everyday looks and is so pigmented! I buy this often because I use it so much!

2. The Fortune Favours the Brave palette is a fairly recent buy of mine and boy was it worth it. The palette is something special and has some many gorgeous pigments in. It is perfect for the party season as there are some gorgeous marbled shadows to make your eyes really pop!

3. The first blush palette I bought  was the Golden Sugar and it is my all time fave. This is perfect for me as I have quite pale skin and don’t like anything too dark! I love how the blush and highlight shades compliment each other whichever ones you choose!

4. Being new to creating intense eye looks, I was looking for a crease brush that wouldn’t break the bank and this is the one I chose. I love love love it and use it every single day. 

Now onto the misses. I wanted to bad to love these products, but I just couldn’t get on with them at all!


1. The idea of having one palette for concealer really appealed to me. Sadly the Ultra Cover and Conceal palette did not live up to my expectations at all. I found the range of shades to be too similar and for me the consistency just did not work under my usual foundation.

2. With 32 matte shades to choose from, how could you be dissapointed with this palette? I just found that too many of them were similar so I was really stuck for choice with it. The pigmentation is no where near the £4 palettes either, but hey, maybe mine was just from a dodgy batch as I know some people love this palette!

3.The blush queen palette I really wanted to love as it looks so pretty. I just found that once on my face, all the colours looked exactly the same bar the extreme highlighting shade.  They were so muddy and you just couldn’t tell there was any blush there.

4. Correcting is all over at the minute and although these shades worked how they were meant to I just found the formula in this palette to be eugh! It was so greasy and just not what I expected. I couldn’t work with my usual foundation over this at all which is a shame. I would love it to explain each shade as well so we know what we are supposed to use each one for!

5. I love a budget blender because I was not impressed at all with the real thing. But this for me was just way too hard even when wet. I found it hardly blended my makeup and for me there are just better dupes out there!

Even though I have shared my Makeup Revolution hits and misses today, I still really do adore there brand. They are so worth the money and just because my misses did not work for me, it doesn’t mean that they won’t work for you!

Let me know what your hits and misses are in the comments!


*Photo credits: all photos of the products are not my own and were taken from to add to my collages 🙂

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