Loreal Pure Clay Purity Mask!

I have always heard great things about clay masks and how they work for us oily skin folks. They help to really absorb substances like sebum and clear your pores from excess gunk! I was really excited when I saw this Loreal Pure Clay Purity Mask on offer in my local Boots and really wanted to give it a try.


There are three different types of the Loreal pure clay mask, all of which contain 3 pure clays. Each mask is targeted to as specific skin type. The Detox Mask contains active charcoal and aims to clarify the skin. The Glow Mask, with red algae aims to exfoliate the skin and give you a natural glow.  I chose to buy the purity mask because I felt it was the one that would be the most beneficial to my skin type, but there really is nothing stopping me using all three!!!


 The Purity mask aims to leave skin purified and mattified. It contains Eucalyptus extract, which is known for its purifying properties, this mask claims to work deep into your pores and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

 I bought mine on offer for £5, but I think that they retail for around £7.99 usually. I like the look of the packaging, it’s contained in a metallic box. The jar itself is a thick glass and when you open the lid it has a little white stopper to stop all the product getting into the lid. I think each jar is supposed to last for around ten applications, but I got more than that from my first one.


 The mask smells amazing, it’s nice and thick so a little goes a long way. It is a lovely mint colour and from the moment you apply this to your skin, it begins to cool and is incredibly soothing. It dries hard and feels tight once it is ready to take off. I looked in the mirror the first time I used it just as I was ready to take it off and you can really see that it has worked and has pulled the gunk from your pores!!

 To use this mask, I cleanse my face first using a facial scrub and my Soap and Glory – A brush with greatness brush to really clean the skin deep.  After patting my skin dry I apply the mask with a brush to ensure even application. I generally leave it on for around ten minutes, usually in the bath while I watch some makeup tutorial on YouTube and this is enough for the mask to work its magic. I then use a damp flannel to remove the mask.


 After the first use, my skin was noticeably softer and felt firmer. There was no excess oil at all, even the morning after use and my make up lasted a long time the next day.

After pro longed use, I have noticed that my pores are clearer and not as full of gunk, any blackheads I have are easier to remove and my skin is definitely in much better condition after using this mask 3 times a week. Sadly I have had a few spots, but I think this is just due to all the bad stuff being pulled from my skin.

 Overall I really recommend this product, especially if like me you are really oily. I have started to just use this on the areas of my face where I am oily, because I felt like it was drying out the skin in patches, but nothing too intense. I really want to try the multimasking trend to target all the different areas of my face, so I might treat myself to the other two Clay Masks in this range!

 Have you tried the Loreal Pure Clay Purity Mask or any others from the range? Which would you recommend?


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