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Happy Friday, I hope you’re ready for the weekend! For now why not get your teeth into this Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo review.

I always like to make sure my hair is looking and feeling amazing. In the last couple of years I have really tried to avoid unnecessary damage to it by investing in some top quality hair care! For about 6 months I have been using the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo range on my hair and I thought i’d share some of my thoughts/results with you!!

As the name suggests, all the products in this range are made using coconut oil, which we all know is a little miracle and in this case provides essential moisture to dry/damaged hair. Before I go into detail about each of the products, I just want to say how divine everything in this range smells! I get so many compliments when out and the gorgeously coconutty scent lasts ages between washes!

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Review - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Elis

As you can see the packaging on this range is super girly and cute and I love the multicolored bar-code on each product which really made this product jump off the shelf at me.

Shampoo and Conditioner £5.99 Each – Perfect shampoo and conditioner combination. I love how these products nourish the hair but without making it overly soft and silky so it’s hard to style and work with.

Coconut Mask £6.99 – This is slightly different than any mask I’ve used before, the instructions say to use it in between shampooing and conditioning!!! I’ve never heard of a mask you use like this before. Apparently it’s because after shampooing the hair cuticles are open and this allows the mask to really work its magic – which it does. I try to use this once a week for a really deep condition!

Blow and Go Lotion £6.99 – This lotion I find I cannot get on with, after about 6 months I’ve still got at least 3/4 of the tube left. I don’t know if i’m using too much, but says that it’s supposed to help prolong a style. Because I don’t really blow my hair into a style I feel like it’s wasted one me! Maybe if I had lee here giving me a nice blow dry, I would actually be able to see what this product does!!

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Review2 - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Elis

Coconut Spritz £5.99 – This little bottle of spray is my favourite from the whole range. You can use it in so many ways! I spray it on to my towel dried hair and then blow dry and it keeps my hair so silky and smooth! You can also spritz some on during the day to refresh your hair, especially if me you’re in a muggy office! I love it so much!

Coconut Balm £6.99 – For me this is the most unique product in the range. It’s a balm that melts into an oil once you have it on your hands! It’s again very versatile and can be used on wet or dry hair. I prefer to use it on my wet hair because i’m yet to get a good result on dry, but I think this is because I always use too much. I think it would be good if you were off to a festival when you know you’re not going to be able to wash your hair for a few days, then you can top up on the freshness as many times as you need to!

I think my favourite thing about this range is how amazing my hair feels after using only this for around 6 months. I cannot wait to try this throughout the winter and see how my hair holds up in all the cold weather.

I love how versatile all of the products in the range are, I think that Lee has really thought about everyone when he came up with this range. I just adore the scent, it’s amazing to smell and a pleasure to use! I think next, i’d like to try the dry shampoo and the mousse that have been added to the range recently.

Check out the full range at Boots HERE

Have you tried the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo range? What were your thoughts?


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