Hello everyone, I’ve been struggling with the blog this week, I’ve only managed to get scheduled posts posted, there has been so much going on! I was definitely ready for the weekend to arrive and I’m looking forward to a few drinks tonight!

We’ve got the builders in the house at the moment, so that means that my house is a complete disaster! They are in sorting out the cellar because it has been flooding, making it damp proof so that we can store things down there finally. Hopefully it will all be finished by Tuesday!

As if that wasn’t enough, the main fuse box exploded on Tuesday night. Luckily James was in alone and acted quickly before any serious damage to the house was done! We had to evacuate and spend the night at Mum and Dad’s. The Norther Power Grid attended and were here all night fixing it, adding a new line to the mains from the road and a new mains fuse! There is now a hugeeee hole outside my front door and on the pavement too!

On the upside, I finally took the plunge and got myself a new camera. I went for the Nikon D3300, which is supposed to be a great entry level DSLR. I’m not photographer but I’d love to learn so I’m hoping this will give me a great start and my husband too!

I’ve got lots of things planned and coming up on the blog. I’ve decided to add three regular monthly features as well, starting this month!

Dress Up FridayWhy dress down when you can dress up! I will be sharing one dressed up outfit on the third Friday of every month! The first instalment will be coming up on Friday 20th!

Beauty buy of the month – This will feature a product I have bought myself this month that I am totally in love with, something that I really recommend to you all! I’m still to decide for this month yet, but that’s coming up on Friday 27th!

My favourite day – I’ve decided to focus on being a bit more positive this year and I’m going to share with you a special or favourite day of mine each month! This will be live on the blog on Sunday 29th!

What have you been up to lately? Do you like my ideas for my new monthly features?



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