I’ve got some news ….

I’m pregnant!

Wow, it feels so great to finally type that! James and I have wanted to share the news for a few weeks it feels like we’ve known forever (even though we haven’t) but also wanted to wait until we had the first scan to make sure everything was ok!

It’s not my first baby, I already have a 6 year old daughter, but this pregnancy will be very different to my last. Mostly because of my weight, which I know puts me into a certain category as far as midwives and doctors are concerned but I’m not worried, I’m just looking forward to enjoying my pregnancy and meeting our new addition at the end of it.

I wasn’t blogging during my last pregnancy but I’ve got so many ideas to document my pregnancy! Most of my posts will come under “Plus Size and Pregnant” so keep your eyes open for them. Throughout May i’m focusing on the early stages of pregnancy, like when to tell people you’re expecting and how to cope with morning sickness.

I’m going to share my personal pregnancy experiences in a monthly diary, mainly because i’m struggling to find any relatable info online at the moment about what I may experience being plus size and pregnant, which sucks and I’d like others to be able to read my experiences if they need to. The first instalment of that is coming tomorrow so make sure you don’t miss it.

I’m also hoping to share my fashion hacks for us pregnant plus size babes, I’m going to share my beauty tips and my survival skills and of course all the cute things I’m buying!! My mind is full of great content ideas and I may also extend this into some YouTube videos and Instagram stories, so make sure you are following me on all my social media platforms! My links can be found in the sidebar.

I’m so excited for the future and I can’t wait to start sharing my experiences with you!

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  1. I was big when I had baby #5 and #6 my weight was never discussed an nothing was ever said about my weight or if it would cause any problems.

    1. That’s great Emma and reassuring. To be honest it’s causing me a teeny bit of stress as I’m pretty worried because it is mentioned alot!!! I’m determined to have a nice pregnancy and not let it bother me too much ♡♡

      1. The only thing u may have that’s different is a GTT think that’s mid 20’s week. U have a blood test, then drink glass of luzozade then blood test again to see if you have developed diabetes

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