I’ve been doing this for a year!

So as the title suggests, I have been doing this for a year! I thought I would share some thoughts with you about my journey so far!

When I started this blog, I was in the first stages of my journey to loving myself. I had seen other women empowering others to love their bodies online, it was amazing to see and all new to me but I wanted to be a part of it. Although I’ve had some irregular posting patterns for various reasons, I can say that this blog has 100% helped me to accept who I am and the body I have.┬áBefore I started this blog, I would never have posted a full length photo of myself online and expected to get positive comments.

I wasn’t always fat. I grew up a bit chubby, but lost a lot of weight when I went to university, I wasn’t happy or healthy back then. I lived off rubbish food and went out pretty much every night drinking, being reckless and finding myself in some pretty dangerous situations. Compared to now where I actually eat three healthy meals a day and exercise, where I’m happy with myself and who I am. The sad thing is really that back then no one would have judged me on my appearance. If I was sat at a cafe eating cake with my thin best friend back then no one would have batted an eyelid. This has been one of the hardest things to get used to for me, knowing how damaging I was to my physical and mental health back then, but people have the right to look at me now and judge me on my weight?

My body is incredible and it never holds me back. I’ve been to Thailand, no one laughed at me in my swim wear. I snorkeled for the first time in beautiful, clear water and saw some amazing things. I’ve been to theme parks with my daughter and overcome my fear of fitting in the seats of the rides and being embarrassed. The best thing for me though is that I no longer walk down the street and wonder if people are judging me on how I look, I walk down the street with my head held high!

I still find it hard to find clothes in the style I want to wear, but the change is happening! So many new plus size lines have been released in the last year, brands are actually recognising that plus size women don’t want to wear frumpy, unflattering plain clothes. They want fashion and they want it now!


This coming year, I hope that I can overcome some of my anxieties about getting involved with other bloggers and chats on Twitter. I hope I can even pluck up the courage to go to some events and meet the awesome women behind the blogs I read every day!

Its been a great year, and even though this blog is just a tiny drop in a huge ocean, I hope I have inspired some of you to love the skin you’re in!


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