I’m back!

I’m back!

Things have been incredibly weird for me since I last posted here. I have been struggling with my own issues about myself recently so I have really found it hard to sit down and write on my blog this last few months. To tell the truth I have really been struggling to feel confident in myself and how I look enough to be taking photos of my outfits and posting them here. How am I supposed to fake that?

I started this to show people that they should love themselves,to inspire others, to help them love their bodies and their being. If I pretended I was ok, then it would just be against everything I wanted this blog to be.

So I have taken some time away from it all and¬†now, I’m in a better place. I’ve been looking after myself and getting my head back to where I want it to be! I hope I can start inspiring some of you again!

I have scheduled lots of posts throughout April so make sure you are following me on all my social media accounts!

For now, here’s a few pictures of me looking and feeling amazing in an AX Paris Curve Dress. This is who I want to be again, confident and comfortable with who I am.

The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis - AX Paris

Do you sometimes lose confidence? How do you get it back, I need all your tips!




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