“If your hair is wrong, your whole life is wrong”

Hi everyone, Winter is on its way – and autumn is most definitely here!! I thought id do this post just to share my thoughts on caring for your hair with all this bad weather thats coming our way, as it is so important.

The one thing I always do is wear a hat! sounds simple but it is a great way to keep out the cold and avoid breakages – if you wear your hair down and the ends are left loose you can always get a trim if the ends become too damaged – but if the damage is at the top its a bit harder to get rid of. Secondly – I only wash my hair once a week – this may sound shocking but it actually works – it helps to keep natural moisture in the hair. Finally – if you’re using heat – make sure you double protect, as hair will obviously break easier because of all the damage from the wind/ice and rain!!

Here are some of my favourite products  to help keep your hair damage free this winter 🙂




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Products from left to right:

Toni and Guy Rapid response leave in conditioner £6.99 Boots – I love this product because it gives your hair that something extra. It is a milky cream formula that you apply to towel dried hair and it smells divine. I use this even after using normal conditioner and it leaves my hair so shiny and soft an easy to style.

V05 Hot Oil Moisture inject (or similar) £4.99 for 4 Boots – I love love love hot oils. It was my Auntie who got me into using these – and i’m glad she did. Whether its summer or winter they keep your hair so healthy looking between visits to the hairdressers. All you do is place it into a cup of boiling water for about three minutes so it can heat up. Then, before shampooing – rub the oil into your hair and leave it on for around 3-4 minutes. Then you rinse it out and wash and condition your hair as normal. Once your hair is dried, split ends appear less consistent and your hair has a healthy and replenished shine to it. Definitely a must have product this winter.

Garnier Ultimate Blends “The Sleek Restorer” Shampoo and Conditioner  £1 to £3 each Boots – This is by far the best shampoo and conditioner combo EVER. They smell absolutely divine! and this particular one is developed for dry hair. I have only recently started using this product but I don’t think I will ever go back to Tresemme after trying these. The conditioner though is the main attraction. I have never used a conditioner that is so deeply nourishing as this – so much so that I don’t really need to use a deep treatment anymore. I am thinking of trying the spray in oil from the same range – I can never find it anywhere though

Primark Argan Oil -£5

Argan oil is great for dry hair. it is so versatile and can be used on wet hair to give an extra moisture injection before blow drying or on dry hair to give your shine a boost and tame those fly aways! It does seem a little expensive for Primark, especially since the bottle is so small, but don’t let that put you off – this really is one of the best out there on a budget as it does not contain other gunk like some of the other oils I have tried. You also only use a teeny tiny bit at a time so it lasts ages.

And finally – My favourite hair style this autumn – I’m not a big fan of having my hair up (only really when I get up late for work and don’t have the time) I now have quite long hair so I like to keep it out of my face, not only does it stop your hair blowing all over your face when trying to get anywhere it also helps when wearing your hood up to stop the rain catching any stray ends that might be trying to escape.

I dont know what you would call this braid – I just tried it one day and it looked nice so it stuck. It is basically just a twist (a bit like a french plait, where you pick up extra hair as you go down) kind of like “up and over” picking up new hair for the strands you pull over.




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