Plus Size outfit: I would go out tonight …

So, like more than 99.9% of the female species – I spend alot of time fretting about what to wear on a night out. I literally have mountains of clothes – but as ever – I end up trying on about 6 outfits (much to my Husbands annoyance) before going to my “go to” outfit which lets face it, I already decided that I was wearing the minute plans were finalised. Here is my first plus size outfit!

So saturday night – here is what I decided on, pretty much everything is from Primark, bar my shoes which I think are from Very.

plus size outfit, the plus size of life, emma ellis, plus size blogger

plus size outfit, emma ellis, the plus size of life, plus size blogger

I wore a cream boxy blouse with short sleeves, textured structured skater skirt in dark purple with elastic waistband, a statement necklace and black patent brogue shoes. I think the whole outfit cost about £40 (which makes it even better)

I love this outfit – it makes me feel ultra feminine and confident 🙂


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  1. Fab outfit hon. I’m like that too when it comes to getting ready not just for special occasions even just going out to the blooming shops I change about 4 times LOL.
    Nicola xx

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