How to wear metallic matte lipstick featuring Metal Matte from Primark!

Ever since Kylie Jenner released her metallic kits, I have wanted to try this look! Sometimes though it’s hard when your make up shopping to find exactly what you’re looking for. MUA do a nice range of metallic liquid lipsticks, but nothing that I felt would compliment my complexion. I wanted a shade similar to Lord by Kylie so bad and I finally found one in Primark! So here is my best advice on metallic matte lipstick and how to rock it!

Metallic Matte Lipstick, Emma Ellis, The Plus Size of Life, Plus Size Blogger

I get it, it’s  a bold move to step out with this on, but for me I believe if you’re confident you can do it! 

1. The Partial Metallic Lip

Partial Metallic Matte Lipstick, Emma Ellis, The Plus Size of Life, Plus Size Blogger

I think this look is the easiest to rock if it’s your first time. If like me you’re a bit of a wallflower and don’t want to stand out so much, take a nude lip pencil to line the lips. Then fill in with a nice matte nude shade, I used “going steady” from the Seventeen Stay Pout range. Blot away any excess colour, and then lightly dab the metallic lipstick on top. This gives a subtle metallic effect, which isn’t too in your face. The perfect way to ease yourself into the next look!

2. The Full Throttle Metallic Lip

Full Metallic Matte Lipstick, Emma Ellis, The Plus Size of Life, Plus Size Blogger

The only way to do this is to just go for it. Use a thin lip brush and line the lips with the metallic matte lipstick. Then fill in and you’re good to go! It dries immensely fast, so you gotta work quickly so you don’t end up with a clumpy mess!!

The PS Metal Matte Liquid lipstick though is divine, It smells lush, is easy to apply and for £2 is worth it even if you hardly wear it! They come in a range of colours as well which I might try! You can see from the swatch below, its gorgeous and very pigmented!


Cons of metallic matte lipstick? well, as with mattes,  it literally sits in every crease of your lips when applied fully and this stands out so much more because of the finish. I recommend a similar coloured lipstick underneath.

I’m dying to try more colours, maybe a nice ruby red! Have you tried any metallic matte lipstick? What would you recommend?


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