I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches Eyeshadow Palette review!

Hello everyone! The blog has been the last thing on my mind lately for several reasons, I won’t go into detail but a lot of bloggers know that if you need time for yourself you’ve got to just take it. Forcing yourself to blog only makes matters worse and turns the hobby into a massive chore (which I definitely don’t want!!!) I’m back today with an I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches Eyeshadow Palette review!

So I Heart Makeup is an offshoot of Makeup Revolution, offering amazing budget makeup for everyone. Everyone knows that the eyeshadow in particular is amazing, they are so pigmented and are really easy to work with. What I love about the I Heart Makeup line is that it’s so fun and girly!

I have a few of these Chocolate Palettes from I Heart Makeup, but I’ve never reviewed them on the blog for some reason, I think there are only two I don’t have now so I will definitely be adding them to my collection! When I saw that this had been released, I knew I had to get my hands on it!

I’ve seen various comparisons online saying that it is a dupe for the Two Faced Sweet Peach Palette, sadly I’d never be able to justify spending that much on eyeshadow and so if you’re looking for a comparison, then this is not the post for you!

The first thing you notice about this palette is the packaging, it’s a lovely peach colour and is in the style of a chocolate bar which is kind of half melting! It contains 16 eye shadows, including both matte and shimmer shades. Like the other palettes in the Chocolate bar range, it has a lovely smell, this one smells like mixture of chocolate and peaches!

The shades in this palette are perfect for me, it’s exactly the type of colour palette I wear day to day. The range of colours is also perfect for the upcoming spring summer season! I love the girly tones of the pinks and peaches and the contrast of the dark shades. The darker shimmer shades will work particularly well layered onto the eyelid after blending some of the matte shades into the crease.

You can buy the I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches Palette in selected Superdrug stores, if you’re near Leeds, you can get the range in the White Rose Store. You can also purchase online at Tam Beauty or Superdrug

Have you got this palette? What are your thoughts?

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