Getting ready for University!

As you may or may not know I will be going back to University as a Postgraduate student this September. I completed my Undergraduate study in 2012 and have always wanted to do my Masters, the time has finally come! So I wanted to share with you all my journey! I am planning on doing lots of posts about managing your time when you are a student parent etc, I’ve already had some experience with that, but today I a talking about getting ready for University, the process and how I am preparing!


So, the biggest thing for me was getting my stationary and supplies. I’ve bought a few bits but will mostly just be using paper and pads I already have, but i bought a project book from Sainsburys Home the other week and I also stocked up on my pens!

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I am currently on the search for a life planner. As a busy Mum of two already, I need more than a diary, I need something that I can use to plan my families weekly activities and my University schedule to make sure everything runs smoothly. I have been looking at this one, The Family Life Book Diary from Box Clever Press, it looks like it will really help to keep me organised!

I have also bought myself a sturdy handbag, I got it in the sale from Paul’s Boutique. I had quite a few of his bags in my original University days so it was definitely nostalgic shopping for this one. My Mum is a whizz with the sewing machine so is going to whip me up a nice sturdy fold away tote bag to carry my library books in.

Emma Ellis, The Plus Size of Life, Getting ready for University, Pauls Boutique, grey handbag

I have been needing a new laptop for quite a while and in all honesty I’m thinking I may just get a Chrome book and save my work on Google Drive. My phone contract is up for renewal at the moment and EE have a good deal where you can choose a Asus Chromebook with certain contracts, so I might save myself a bit of money and go for that instead of just buying a new laptop.

Student Loan

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You can now get a Postgraduate Student Loan, in England it is up to £11,222 which can help cover tutition fees and living expenses while you study. I have already applied for this and got my funding secured so I know I can actually pay for my degree! I have also applied to several scholarship and bursary funds because you know, every little helps! You can find out more about what is available at The Scholarship Hub.


Emma Ellis, The Plus Size of Life, getting ready for University, University of Huddersfield Campus

So from what I can gather right now, everything is being done online in terms of enrolment. I have uploaded my photo for my student ID card online. I have also sent my DBS check off online, which is now in the final stages. Official enrolment for my University opens online from the 7th September and once I have done that I will get some more information about welcome week etc. I think they are trying to do classes actually face to face despite coronavirus but it will be slightly different than what I have previously experienced, with face coverings and social distancing.

Overall, I am extremely excited to get stuck in but also incredibly nervous. I am worried about managing my time and if I will remember how to write essays and use the Harvard Referencing System again. I’m sure I will be fine once I actually have my timetable and can begin to plan my family life around my university schedule, but for now I am just enjoying getting ready for University!

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