Garnier Pure Active Matte Control Moisturiser

So confession, this product was suppossed to be my Beauty Buy of the Month in April, but me being me I’m a tad late as usual! It is something for all my fellow oily skin girls! It’s the Garnier Pure Active Matte Control Moisturiser and I’m really excited about this!

I’ve mentioned so many times on the blog that I have really really oily skin and I really struggle when it comes to finding something that will help. I wash my face twice a day and try to use oil free formulas and makeup as much as I can. No matter what powder I put over the top of my makeup throughout the day the oil creeps through, so I apply more powder and end up looking a complete oily mess and to be honest I was really at my wits end with it. It makes me so insecure and I just started to accept the fact that maybe I was just destined to cope with this forever and ever.
Well no more!

I went to Boots to buy my usual oil free moisturiser and it was out of stock and I spotted this, after reading it I decided to buy it even with the quite high price tag! I was quite surprised I had never noticed it before, especially as when I went online to check on it, there were A LOT of reviews.

The product is part of the Pure Active range, which has been specifically designed to provide every day clear skin solutions to help target the look of oily skin, blemishes and shine. It comes in its range specific packaging and looks really cool because of the mix of colours.

The Garnier Pure Active Matte Control Moisturiser contains Airlicium and Salicylic Acid, which work together to produce 8 hours of shine control. They also combine to help reduce the appearance of blemishes, pores and uneven skin texture, which is perfect as we all know these can be problematic when you have oily skin!

At first, I was shocked to see that this was a gel formula, not what you expect from a moisturiser and the colour blue is not typical either. It feels quite a lightweight formula and not as heavy as other moisturisers that I have tried. I apply it to my freshly cleansed skin and let it sit before applying my make up. It is so strange, the formula and feeling do not match at all because it feels really hydrating on the skin and it doesn’t feel like it adds an extra layer of anything onto the skins surface like you get with other gel type formulas. It soaks into the skin well and  I apply my usual  makeup over it easily!

The first day went really well and upon checking my makeup at lunch time, I was pleased to see that not much oil had got through at all! When I got home, the redness in my nose was showing and was a little oily but I was impressed with the results.

I have tried this with so many different makeup combinations now and it has passed on the most part, the only time I had trouble with it was when I applied a primer of the same formula over it, the combination of the two just seemed to make my face too greasy and my makeup did not apply properly. The main difference for me in terms of makeup application is that I can now go without a powder over the top and my makeup stays put!!

Eventually though my skin did become quite dry and flaky when using this,I think its because it is so matte, that it takes the moisture out of your skin. I’ve found that making sure I exfoliate regularly and use a good hydrating night cream really helps with this and stops it happening so quickly! I think its because it is so matte, that it takes the moisture out of your skin.I think this will definitely become a major staple in my makeup collection. It feels more like a primer, but it really really really works! £7 well spent!

Have you tried this, what other products do you recommend for oily skin?


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